SBS have launched their own Android app to the Android Market and it’s fairly awesome for an app straight out of the gate. The clean interface and high-res images make it a wonder to use — it’s one of the best Aussie apps we’ve used. All the news categories are included as well as weather from around the world. If you’re a big fan of World News Australia, or just news in general, I highly recommend this app.

Source: Android Market - SBS.
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    Ben Bye

    Anyone else having trouble installing this on either SGSII or an ICS 4.0 ROM? The market says it’s not compatible with my device


    No all good on my AOKP Galaxy Nexus.


     Installed and working fine on my SGS II.

    The pages all load fast, though I have had some videos not working, not sure if this is because they’re not available anymore or if it’s a loading issue.

    Sean Hatton

    Just installed it – sleek, fast and the best news source! Excellent!


    Very nice, as a self confessed news junkie, I will be checking this app regularly.

    Billypop – HTC incredible s


    Not compatible with Optimus 2X???? Why?

    Jason Murray

    Hi Cameron,

    What version of Android is running on the 2X? The app was compiled down to Froyo according to the SDK, but we don’t actually have any Froyo devices to test it on – everyone’s updated their phones to Gingerbread and beyond.


    (Disclosure, if you couldn’t tell, I work @ SBS – I’m not the developer who built the app but he sits near me :))


    Well mine’s running Gingerbread, but yeah there’s still lots out there running Froyo.

    Jason Murray

    Yeah there’s a decent % on Froyo. As I said we compiled it for Froyo and above in the SDK but don’t have a Froyo device.

    Your original comment stated that it’s not compatible with the Optimus – did the app crash or is it not visible for your device in the market?


    Won’t let me install, states “This app is incompatible with your LGE LG-P990.”

    Jason Murray

    Could you get in touch with me on Twitter (click my name) rather than debugging through Ausdroid’s forums please 🙂


    Sorry I don’t use Twitter…… 

    Jason Murray

    Try webmaster-at-sbs-dot-com-dot-au — mark the subject line with ATTN for me.

    Andrew Palozzo

    Does it have a widget? That’s kinda a must for me for a news app.

    Buzz Moody

    No widget(s) at the moment. I hope they add it in the future.

    Max Keys

     Yeh it has a widget, but it’s just a static one that says “some bad things are happening to a minority somewhere in the world, see our website for details”