We’ve heard from our sources in-the-know that Telstra will be launching the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 4G on February 28th (alongside the Galaxy S II 4G and Galaxy Note) and now we have some pricing to go with it. Our source says that a 16GB model will be available for $0 upfront on Telstra’s $69 plan — possibly Freedom Connect or Data+ Tablet — which will include 8GB of data for use across all of Telstra’s networks. A 32GB model will also be available at some point as well — it’s not clear whether it’ll be there at launch or not. Tuesday is looking like it’ll be a big day of announcements for Telstra.

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J. Butler

 Picking mine up next week. Cannot wait.


 any news on what plan the galaxy note will be on?


what about Galaxy Note? When is it coming out?

Buzz Moody

The same day we believe.


So apart from the LTE feature the 8.9 is the same as every other 8.9 tablet?

Buzz Moody

That seems to be the case. I guess Telstra feel this is the best tablet to compete with the iPad.