BGR are reporting that the Galaxy S III will have a 4.8-inch display, ceramic back, and will launch globally simultaneously, citing a “trusted source”. I’m reserved when it comes to BGR are their exclusive leaks, so take it all with a massive grain of salt.

A 4.8-inch display would need to have a resolution of 1366×768 to bring it up to the 320ppi mark, which is just above where the Galaxy Nexus is at 325ppi. That’s certainly possible and lines up with other salt-grainy rumours from Eldar Murtazin who said the display was better than the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S II.

A ceramic back would make total sense for heat resistance against what is rumoured to be a high-powered Exynos Quad-Core CPU. It would also bring a nice solid feel to the device instead of the usual plastic feel of Samsung products.

The simultaneous global launch is a part of the rumour we’re happy to jump on board about. Samsung have already put this across by saying the delay of the Galaxy S III was to make sure it can launch quicker in more places after the announcement. Australia would certainly be included in the 50 “countries and cities” BGR’s source is referring to.