Widely recognised as one of the better anti-theft apps on the Android Market currently, Cerberus are celebrating 100,000 paying customers by giving away licences to those who sign up before the 29th of Feb.

The app installs to your phone and once granted superuser permissions it has the access it needs for you to be able to do everything from tracking it’s current location, retrieving call and sms logs to taking a screenshot or photo of whatever the camera can see at the time.

Having used this for a couple of years now and recovered a lost phone due to it’s installation: I’d recommend you download it and register your details for the lifetime licenced account here.

Source: Oz Bargain.
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    I heart OzBargain! <3

    I used to use Lookout but this app seems more 'informative' with what's actually happening (or not happening as the case may go). They even have a version that can be flashed into the ROM that I must test out!

    Jake Mormile

    By far, the best anti-theft program I’ve ever tested. Amazing features that actually work.


    Or you could get the Avast app for free. It comes with ‘all of the above’ features:

    https://market.android.com/details?id=com.avast.android.mobilesecurityAntivirusPrivacy ReportSMS/Call FilteringApp ManagerWeb ShieldFirewallAnti-Theft with App DisguiserRuns in Stealth ModeSelf-ProtectionSIM-Card-Change NotificationTrusted SIM Cards ListRemote Settings ChangeMore remote features like – Siren, Lock, custom Display properties, Locate, Memory Wipe, covert Calling, Forwarding, “Lost” Notification, SMS Sending, History, Restart

    Phil Tann

    I’m guessing you don’t have a password or something on your phone?


    This program looks great, however it emails notifications to me which then end up coming up as a notification on my phone. Not a great result when the phone is stolen! Anyone know how to disable gmail notifications remotely?


    Never thought about that! If you knew it was stolen AND it was unlocked without a PIN/pattern (why?) so that a thief could view the email notifications you could change your Google account password which would stop the notifications. Thinking about it more, it would clearly be something on the ‘to do’ list when it was stolen in the first place though.

    Phil Tann

    In Gmail set a label for emails from Cerberus, don’t sync that label on the phone.  🙂

    Gambit smith

    Wombat -….. How does it compare’s to others….  IT WORKS, first time, every time.  there is no use to have these appz on your phone, unless they WORK.. and for all you out there, that says, my app works, im glad you have peace of mind. (do full testing and get back to me) Tracking on this was locked on with in 30 sec, locked down took a bit longer. If you install with in Root, good luck getting it out. (reference to the would be theft), as I knew were it was, and how to do it, and it was… Read more »


    I use Android Lost at the moment. Can anyone tell me how this compares?

    Shannon Lang

    If no one’s got this – GET IT.

    I bought this program… it’s awesome. Get on it people!