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Asus first showed off the Padfone back in May last year but from Mobile World Congress we`re actually getting information regarding specs and availability for the combo unit. The final product offers a 4.3″ Quad-Core phone which docks into a 10.1″ tablet, which in turn connects to a keyboard dock, they’ve also advised that a stylus is available which operates as a headset when the phone is docked in the tablet. The details on the accessories are scarce at this stage as is information regarding availability for the Padfone in Australia but hopefully we`ll hear something from Asus Australia soon.
Padfone specs :

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 8260A Dual-Core 1.5 GHz
  • 16/32/64 GB onboard storage with microSD Card Slot
  • 4.3″ Super AMOLED qHD 960×540 display
  • 8MP Rear Camera with Flash & F2.2 Aperture and Front Mega-Pixel VGA Camera
  • WLAN 802.11 b/g/n,
  • G-Sensor/E-Compass/Gyroscope/Proximity/Light Sensor/Built-in motion sensor
  • 1520 mAh Battery
  • 128 x 65.4 x 9.2 mm @ 129gm

I`m going to have to assume that the padfone supports BlueTooth as the stylus/headset is described as running on Bluetooth, unless this is built into the Tablet accessory. There is also no explanation of where the Stylus is stored, if it’s like the HTC Flyer which has no place on-board for the stylus or like the Samsung Galaxy Note which has a slot for the stylus to slot into within the unit. You can see the Stylus/headset being used at the 1:40 mark in the video below.

Asus is marketing this device as “Two devices, One data plan” which seems to be a problem that a number of people are looking at these days when it comes to wether they need a 3G enabled tablet or wether to use tethering on their mobile. The Dynamic Display technology which allows seamless transition between the PadFone and PadFone Station is a function that appears to work quite well and overall the whole stylus idea is something I personally think is a great idea but overall, the dock is what i`m worried about, I’m waiting to see the build quality of the phone docking compartment first. Anyone interested in the Padfone concept?

Source: AsusTheVerge.
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asus padfone

The Padfone is one of the most-awaited gadgets when it would be gonna  released?


can you use the tablet without putting the phone in the tablet?

Timothy Boyce

No – the phone is the brain of everything. Basically the tablet is a shell with screen, battery, speakers, mic, buttons, etc… It’s an accessory, not a normal tablet. No computer internals – processor and stuff.

Timothy Boyce

Just found something new about the stylus not having a slot in the tablet. There is definately going to be an official ASUS sleeve which contains compartment for SIM card, cleaning cloth, and stylus. 
Click on the design icon near the bottom of this link to see it:


Brilliant concept, but I’m not sure on the execution. Specs aren’t exactly high-end, and although it’s not ugly, neither phone nor tablet are particularly inspiring in design. 

Timothy Boyce

What do you think is high-end? The S4 is a top of the line dual-core, expected to be around about the same power as some quad-cores. Unless of course you mean things like the screen, which certainly could be better, but tablet screen is nicer at least, and keeps the price down a bit. Design is beautiful I reckon.

Bart Simpson

I want that stylus now … it cant be too difficult to make that …

Kevin C

Just throwing a few questions out there and see if anyone knows the answers to them

1) If you dock the phone into the tablet, will it be charged? Or you need to charge separately? How does the charging work?

2) No slot for the stylus? If there are slots, will it be auto-charge?

3) Will Asus sell the phone separately, and the table + dock as another bundle offer?

Really excited about this combo, once my S2 dies, I will be switching over to Asus =)

Timothy Boyce

1) All charging goes to the phone – because the phone is running everything.
2) Correct, no slot, will need charging separately.
3) No-one knows yet. My guess is considering it’s called the padfone, at least the pad (tablet) will be bundled by default (approved carriers and stuff)


 Apple will say they thought of it first…

Kevin C

 Or they will say the stylus is not necessary, just use your fingers!

I have to say that this stylus design is beautiful! So futuristic!


I love it and the stylus/handset is a brilliant addition (after thought) but without a slot for it in the Tablet it will be lost in 3, 2, 1… This slot should also keep it charged.
Man, i want one though…

Timothy Boyce

Aah now that’s an excellent point, because unlike standard capacitive styluses it does need charging.


Yep been waiting for a long time for this. Definitely the future of computing where your computer really is Personal. Hopefully there will be a standard for docking phones to pads/keyboards when other manufacturers get on board.
I think they really do need a holster for the stylus/headset but other than that it looks great so Kudos to Asus.

Timothy Boyce

They said they would have to compromise their design to build in the stylus. Also I guess it’s not for everyone and they’d probably complain its a waste of space/weight. Besides, I’m sure there’ll be some decent third-party cases that include some form of stylus silo…


I think that a slot on the pad would be a lot more useful as you a) you wont ‘need’ a case. b) it could also be a charging port rather than having to plug it in separately(hassle).
The S-Pen for the galaxy note has not compromised the design of the phone at all. Ok this stylus is bigger but personally I would take the added convenience with a slight addition to the bump on its back.

Timothy Boyce

Been watching lots of hands-on videos and this is the best I’ve found. Gives a great overview of connectivity options, release schedule, pricing (lack thereof) and answers a few questions such as whether the stylus has a slot on the tablet (no it does not): 


Wow what a revolutionary idea! what would be more extreme that whether it would be Asus or another manufacture is that a such tablet would be able to house x amount if not all Android devices into one tablet.. Now that would be insane!! But that’s just wishful thinking 🙂 As much as i do hate to comment this but i will.. this combination would suit something that of the iPhone and the iPad being that they only have 2 iPhone style types to house and that apple would to be the best at everything.. just glad that they weren’t the first 🙂 


Since I saw this about 12 months ago (when it was still a concept), I thought it was a BRILLIANT idea!  I rarely use my phone and tablet at the same time, and if the build quality is good, then it may be worth taking a second look at.


love it but thats a lot to ask of a 1520mAh battery. will it last the day

Timothy Boyce

The tablet provides more battery power, as does the keyboard dock, which charges the battery. Only asking a lot from the 1520mAh battery if you’re only using it in smartphone design, in which case the device is kinda pointless for that use, lol

Paolo Carreon

I would like to see the telephony in tablet or dock mode.

Timothy Boyce

Thats what the stylus is for. Its bluetooth with mic and speaker built in to use as a handset when docked. (or of course you could use speakerphone if you want using the speaker built into the back of the tablet – which is supposedly louder than the smartphone speaker)

Satwik Kamath

wow i loooooooooooooooove it 😀


Sooo, is it a quad-core phone or a dual-core phone?

Timothy Boyce

Dual-core Snapdragon S4 1.5ghz, though there is no conclusive evidence that quad core tegra 3 is faster – its a really good dual-core.


Very interesting concept. Once the reviews comes out, I’ll have a close look at it and see whether it worth purchasing. Come on Asus, give us an Australian release date!

Fully Shick Bro

That clip made me orgasm. 




Yes I want one, can you ship it now please 😉

Jake Oliver

Do want. Almost tempting to sell my nexus and get one of these when it comes out 🙁

Mr Pendulum

 I feel your pain, sir. I love my Nexus, but… a phone in a tablet inside a netbook….WANT!

Adrian Mace

I think I just found my next phone.. would have definitely preferred quad core processor but you can’t have it all.. only 99.9% of it all with this phone 😛


It’s a Krait processor, about as fast if not faster then Tegra 3 yet only Dual Core.

Timothy Boyce


Ben Neill

If the build quality is as good as the transformer prime, sign me up!

Timothy Boyce

People are saying in hands-on its really nice build quality, with the exception of the phone docking cover bit, that some are saying is flimsy.

Ben Neill

That might be a deal breaker for me – it’s something that’ll be used a LOT, so it’s the last part you want to be flimsy.


At the start it says it quadcore…so u know :p

Timothy Boyce

The article is wrong when it says quad-core unfortunately, nothing quad-core about this device.

Timothy Boyce

Yes yes and a whole lot more yes! Been following this since the very first reveal at computex and watched it grown. Damn straight I’m interested in this. Yes, the padfone itself has Bluetooth (Bluetooth 4.0 to be precise). Damn I’m excited. As soon as one of these babies is available I think I’m gonna ship it in. Amazing how padfone with station (tablet) increases battery x5 and with station dock (keyboard) increases battery x9. The stylus is a great idea that no-one saw coming, but unfortunately from all the hands-on videos I’ve seen, looks like no slot for the stylus… Read more »


pretty dope