If you’re hoping to see 4G integrated into Sony Mobile’s latest lineup of devices (Xperia S, Xperia U, Xperia P — I’ve dubbed them Xperia SUP) you might find the wait taking at least half of this year.

Sony Mobile Australia’s managing director, John Featherstone, said in an interview with Tech Guide:

“We’ll have 4G devices coming out in the second half of the year.”

“From our point of view it is likely for the back half of the year when the 4G networks will have enough coverage to actually bring that to life. 4G will make it a better experience to pull down content.”

It seems to be a smart and logical move by Sony, as Telstra are the only major carrier with a functional — as in, people using it — 4G LTE network at the present time. Optus & Vodafone have stated that the middle of this year is when they plan to start switching on their 4G networks. Spectrum is also a limiting factor (damn you, physics!) for LTE networks right now, with Analogue TV taking up some of the space. To Telstra’s credit they have reused part of their older 2G spectrum (1800MHz) to begin their rollout in metro and major regional areas.

As a person seriously looking into the Xperia S, this might just put me off a little while longer before I decide to jump aboard the Sony bandwagon. How about you: are you fussed by the lack of 4G Sony phones? Or do you also live in an area that isn’t covered by 4G?

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I live within the 5km 4g network radius, i dont much care for 4g speed, i just dont want one of the phones currently on the market, it’s the galaxy s2 which is an 18 month old phone, or wait … i’m having to wait …


Haha, I live out in the west, not west as in outside of the city limits but wayyyy west deep past Fairfield. I dont expect any coverage, let alone decent coverage on 4G for multiple years. I still switch into and out of the G and 3G range constantly so I dont think that getting a 4G phone is critically important for anyone outside of the major suburbs (though its rolling out in Parramatta so thats good!).

Can’t wait to see how Optus and Sony go with thier network rollouts 🙂