If you thought that the Galaxy Note wasn’t going to be a success for Samsung, you’d be dead wrong. Forbes has reported that Samsung have sold over 2 million of the devices since it first launched and they’re planning to have sold another 8 million on top of that before the end of this year. Samsung have certainly found an area of the market — 5.3-inch phones/tablets — that wasn’t covered with the correct product and have filled that space perfectly.

Vodafone have confirmed they will be selling the Galaxy Note in the coming weeks or months, and it’s rumoured that Telstra are going to jump on board come March 8th.

Source: Forbes.
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john swain

I want the Galaxy Note with a quad core processor, 2gigs ram, 32 storage, and 1080p and NFC. Just take my money. 

Bull Durham

Got my Galaxy Note a week and a half ago and haven’t even touched my overclocked HP touchPad. This thing smokes along.  Picked up my wife’s iPhone 4s last night and it looked pox.  They better bring out a Galaxy Note 2, 3 and 4 because I never want to go back.  Even the Samsung GSII  looks tiny  in comparison.


we have a release date – booooo Yeah!!!!!!!


Whats the date ?

Alex Dennis

I have to say, I really, really and I mean really want to have one of these!! It looks cool and all those vids in the US against the iPhone, I would say for me (being somewhat an apple fan but I do own a Galaxy SII) it is a real contender for me to have one!!


Im one of the 2 million lol…. Gave me ipad 2 to me daughter too heavy to carry my phone and ipad around now i only need to carry 1 device.This is the future 2 in 1.loving it!!