A very clever developer over at XDA (fuss132) has worked out a way to port the Beats Audio advanced equaliser software, normally exclusive to some HTC phones, to any rooted phone running Gingerbread. Beats Audio is an advanced software equaliser producing more clarity and natural sounds, however the improvement will be dependent on the quality of the music and the headphones used. This is especially exciting news for any HTC Sensation owners jealous of the Sensation XE and XL released soon after with Beats Audio.

To add Beats Audio to your phone you’ll need to be running Gingerbread (some reports say it is also running on Honeycomb and ICS), you’ll need to be rooted, and running ClockworkMod recovery or equivalent. For more information and the required files, head over to the XDA thread

Source: XDA.
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I have a HTC Desire running GB via CM7.1.  I flashed this Beats update on Friday and I must, I am impressed.  The sound just seems to be a lot crisper and clearer.  I am glad I installed.

Matt Booth

Link removed, I guess that was to be expected… Alternative link here for anyone interested. Flash via CWM http://www.mediafire.com/?a76beh7jc0kvw97

Nigel Percy

Looks like something happened, the thread is gone, and even XDA hasn’t changed their link.  His facebook page is also unavaliable.  I guess I will just stick with DSP Manager (seems better than the beats anyway)

Jamesz Zhang

wish they can include beats as part of nxt ICS update 

Vijay Alapati

Please make a work around to work with FROYO 🙂

Shannon Lang


Just about to update my SGS2 to ICS this arvo, so gonna test on both GB and ICS 😀