Tuesday , June 5 2018

Confirmed: Samsung Galaxy Note headed to Optus, Virgin in mid-March

Our tipster has sent us through confirmation of the Galaxy Note on Optus in the form of the Allphone catalogue. The device is indeed launching in mid-March on Optus’ $79 cap. Virgin will also be picking up the device around about the same time, no doubt on a pricing scheme to undercut Optus. For that price, are there still any of our readers that will be jumping on board?

Buzz Moody  


  1. iv already got one lol nahh nahh 

  2. I will still be getting one whatever the price (i’m a little bit of a technology Junkie)

  3. Galaxy Note on 24 month contract with Optus: $1896

    Galaxy Note outright and unlocked from Kogan: $588 delivered
    24 months of LiveConnected (ie Optus network) on Tribe 11 (ie no contract, just month to month): $263.76

    So, in answer to your question, I would not go for the Note at Optus’ price, not when I can get virtually the same product/service for $1,000 less.

  4. im pretty sure the white version will arrive later in the year 

  5. i remember when the nexus was rumored for optus, they had similar pricing but was then available on a lesser price plan

  6. Does anyone know if the white version will be offered as well as the blue, straight away?

  7. It sounds like its coming to all the carriers now (vodafone confirmed and Telstra all but confirmed) so there is a good chance of the price coming down relatively quickly. The SG3 launch in April will surely bring price down too. $60/month is more like it

  8. still waiting for vodafone to launch it

  9. Love to get one but that’s too expensive for me.

  10. $79. Geez. I want one, but…. $79.
    Sometimes Optus goes stingey.
    So I can go cheap and switch to Virgin, or go for a better signal and jump to Telstra.

    But not much incentive to stick with Optus.

  11. Love to get one!

  12. Thanks for the tip! Great news, I can’t wait for Telstra to get it! #ndroiddotnet

  13. geez if optus are offering it at this price wonder telstra will bring forward. “deed to your house as a deposit required”

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