While we’re used to playing around and touching the outside of our gadgets, it’s not all too often we get to take a look inside to see what really powers them. And no, it’s not magic and unicorn dust. Tech Republic have got their hands on the new Transformer Prime from ASUS and ripped it apart to reveal all of its internals — as seen above. There’s quite a bit of yellow tape, and Tech Republic editor, Bil Detwiler, thinks it may be partly due to shoddy production and that the connectors might not have held on their own. All of the parts seem to be completely removable which will certainly make it easier to replace broken parts such as the battery or display. Check out the video below to see the Transformer Prime get gutted.

Source: Tech Republic.
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Ian Tester



well, the taper could explain the inconsistencies between devices and their functional state… i finally have a decent one and am very happy with it.. will still sell it when the nexus tab arrives though  😀