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The developers of the insanely popular iPhone app, Instagram, have shown off the closed beta version of the app for Android. They said that parts of the app are even better than the iPhone version, which can only mean that vintage filters are going to turn Android users insane. All photos can be shared via the social avenues of Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and more. There’s still no set-in-stone release date, however, with the closed beta currently in progress, it can’t be too long before it heads up the Android Market Play Store.

Source: The Verge.

Buzz Moody  

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Gambit smith
Gambit smith

Compelled to make a comment, that reflects everyone else’s….

what makes this any better than others??
It’s a simple Idea, done very well…. mmm just like all the other appz that do it too.

I really like the idea, of post devolpment on the fly, along with sharing, but really are we that lazy, that anything more  that a slick,3 click and your done app is not worth our time.

light box, alot more, for those who don’t want to just pretend to be good at photography


Instagram is another app for sheep. I am amazed at the people who use this, they are mostly iPeople who used to say how “random” everything is as they follow the rest of the flock.

Some of the effects are good but really how individually the same do they have to be.

Mike Stevens

Just gonna jump in here and voice my support for Lightbox. It’s been on Android for ages, and it’s every bit as good as this iPhone hipster app.

Competition is good for app advancement, but I’m really hoping Android users will give Lightbox its dues – especially considering that as a full service (both the mobile app and through lightbox.com), it offers more than a few features that Instagram currently doesn’t (in iOS form). 


Ausdroid Reader

Thanks for the heads up about this app. I’ll have a look at this.


I’ve been using Lightbox for a couple of months so far. Is it just me, or the number of filters available isn’t as nice compared to the competition?


We’ve had some requests for new filters so they’re in the works. 

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