Wednesday , June 6 2018

Ice Cream Sandwich update now available for the Telstra HTC Velocity 4G

Telstra have pushed out the Android 4.0.3 ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ update to their first 4G device, the HTC Velocity 4G. As promised, it is the first HTC phone on Telstra to receive the update — HTC Sensation can’t be too far off — and can now be downloaded over the air, if you haven’t already updated.

With the update you’ll be brought up to the latest version of Android with plenty of new features and (hopefully) speed increases as well. The version of Sense UI is 3.6 which is the ‘lite’ version of Sense UI 4.0 that is made for devices which can’t quite handle Sense UI 4.0. Enjoy!

Source: Whirlpool.

Buzz Moody  


  1. The Htc Velocity really annoys me after the ICS upgrade, now every single time I switch on the phone it upgrades 86 modules, this takes around 5 minutes as well as wasting phone battery life, really annoyed at it.

  2. Since I placed the upgrade on my Velocity, everytime I power on the phone I get installing 1/79 files, and it goes through the process time and again on every single boot, kinda sucks really as I have to wait an extra 2-4 minutes to boot up the phone.

  3. Ever since updating my 3g connection is crap and no sound on any of my videos. anyone know why I got no sound and can you go back to the previous version

  4. Why hasn’t Telstra pushed out 4.0.3 to the Galaxy Nexus??? Get your act together. Nexus devices are supposed to be updated first

  5. I updated this yesterday and the reception has dropped so much!

    I work in the Eastern Suburbs of NSW and in my shop within Westfield I didn’t get fantastic internet speeds but at least it would work. Not after the update, I literally have nothing!

    Also I live in the city where my 4G speeds were AT LEAST 28mbps and if I go onto my balcony, 38-40mbps, now, the maximum I get is 18mbps.

    If you have the Velocity and are looking at updating to ICS, don’t. It’s absolutely appalling.

    Also every time I restart or switch on the phone, it says it’s updating 37 ICS files… Every time. It’s weird.

  6. I have had icecold sandwich, and Coredroid latest rom on my HTC Desire HD for over 1 month now…(dual boot), and really…. Im over it… Im happy with 2.3.3 and Sence 3.5.  
    and for those who say, “phones can’t handle sence 4.0” mine can, but there really isn’t much difference.

    Storm in a tea cup… 

  7. Tired Aussie Android user

    I used to be a nokia loyalist then turned to android because of its openness and flexibility. However, after HTC Desire, HTC sensation and Motorola Xoom, I think I’ve had enough. I mean, Xoom was announced as a GED in Feb 2011. After that Ipad 2 came and Ipad 3 is announced. Its a shame that a dual core processor totting tablet with a tablet optimized OS lags when you go from one screen to the next, web page scrolling is not smooth and it doesnt load web pages right.

    I had the misfortune of experiencing HTC’s pathetic manufacturing when I got the HTC desire on the first day and had to go through the heating and restarting thing and had to literally threaten Telstra with a complaint to ombudsman to get the phone replaced.

    My HTC Sensation’s got dust under the screen and I just can be bothered to  give it for servicing in Melbourne have it sent to Sydney and wait for more than 2 weeks for it to come back.

    I am sick and tired of waiting for OS updates. It took ages for Moto and Telstra to move of then fat a** and release v3.2 after the US customers got the same months before. What exactly does Telstra test for so long on say xoom 3g anyhow, which is essentially a GED with now bloatware  crap from Telstra.

    I have moved on and got myself a Nokia N9. Even with a dead OS its still better than both the so called flagship phones from HTC.

    I know, more whining from another disgruntled aussie android user. people must be getting tired of seeing such posts.

    • What does “carrier testing” mean anyway?  Testing that their bloatware still works?  What else can they test?

      • Tired Aussie Android user

        From what I gather from my reading and discussion with friends who work as software testers, it normally involves checking that the software that has been/ is going to be put into the product works, works well enough (speed and efficiency and things like that) and does not have any adverse effects on the device or other parts of the OS or software that will be working in the product.

        But just as you have pointed out GED or vanilla products do not have any carrier put in software. The other testing has to be the radio module. Considering the hardware is not changing and its just the software upgrade I cant see why it takes so long.

        I know this sounds silly, but could it be that the carriers wear you down to the point that after a while you cant be bothered to wait for the upgrade and just upgrade your phone??

        •  Well the modem drive is vendor specific, I believe, and may have certain parameters that the carrier may want to tweak for better performance.  But honestly, I wouldn’t mind a Winphone.  Unfortunately, flagships are either Android or Apple.

          • Tired Aussie Android user

            That could change soon. I am more excited with my N9 than I was with either the sensation or the desire. Its pretty unique and fun to use. Lack of apps is the only problem. I am saying this after using the phone for a while now. Its very good, both hardware and software.

            Considering the Lumia 800 and 900 are coming off the same model I have a feeling its gonna work and its gonna save nokia. Win8 being so tablet compatible and its going to create a tightly knit ecosystem.

  8.  The version of Sense UI is 3.6 which is the ‘lite’ version of Sense UI 4.0 that is made for devices which can’t quite handle Sense UI 4.0.
    HTC have stated that they are keeping Sense 4 to their new series of soon to be released phones to differentiate them from existing products. Sense 3.6 is for current HTC phones not because they cannot run Sense 4 at all..

  9. From the way the article is written it sounds like the Velocity is the one getting the hobbled 3.6 version but I’m assuming the Velocity gets Sense 4.0 and Sensation get 3.6

  10. I made a quick video of the ICS changes for the Velocity 

  11. Just installed it an hour ago on my sister’s boyfriend’s Velocity (which has been a POS for him since he’s had it, runs hot, reboots… He’ll probably take it back soon!). Definitely faster than before though, but Sense… it makes me want to pull my hair out. ICS looks and feels so so so so much better.

    Does anyone know how to make the Velocity use the stock ICS launcher without root? I remember being able to use stock GB on my old Desire, I want to at least give him the option to try it out.

    • Next best thing is to use Nova Launcher. Stock ICS launcher look but with a ton of extra features, highly recommended for anyone running ICS:

      Also, you can run Google Chrome browser now!

    • Apex Launcher is another alternative. Nova has a free and paid version, Apex is free and has similar features to the paid version of Nova.

      Much better than the stock ICS launcher which is very sparse on features.

  12. ICS rolling out for SGSII in Europe.

  13. Just checked my Velocity and there is no update as of Tues 9pm

  14. Uhhhh and the galaxy Nexus update is where?

  15. So glad to see ICS being pushed out to high end devices from Samsung (GSII) and now HTC (Velocity). I was really worried the OEMs were just sitting on their hands.

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