HTC`s new One S phone has an aluminium casing that has been treated by a process called Micro Arc Oxidation which creates a ceramic surface on the casing. The treatment gives the casing extra strength which HTC say allows them to make the phone thinner and more durable, they claim the process makes the case up to 5 times stronger than aerospace aluminium and 3 times stronger than stainless steel, that’s pretty impressive.

Check out the video from the HTC Youtube channel :

It’s this kind of innovation I like to see, I love the feel of a metal casing on my phone which sadly Samsung hasn’t delivered with my last two phones and a metal casing is usually present in most people’s checklists of ‘Wants’ when they are looking at a new phone. Now after all this cool talk I do have to point out this reference, I seriously hope the people at HTC who perform this process refer to it as ‘The Quickening’ :

There Can Be Only One?