Looks like Melbourne is quickly becoming the centre of the Android landscape in Australia. After Telstra opened ‘Android Land’ at their Bourke street store, Vodafone have opened a new store at the corner of Bourke and Swanston Streets in Melbourne and created the ‘Galaxy Zone’ in partnership with Samsung which will showcase the ‘best that Samsung’s products have to offer’ and will remain in place for 2 weeks.

The Galaxy Zone is all setup to promote the Galaxy Note and Vodafone and Samsung have also arranged for demo models of the Note to be setup and this is the only place you can see one of them yourself before deciding if you would like to purchase one of them when they go on sale next Wednesday the 21st of March. Vodafone will have the Note for $5 on a $59 plan over 24 Months if you would like one.

Vodafone and Samsung are also running a competition in which if you attempt to draw the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 Car using the S-Pen on the GALAXY Note the entry judged to be the best will win a new Samsung 46″ LED TV, which is a pretty decent deal. You can also have your caricature done by one of the artists on hand at the store.

Source: Vodafone Blog.
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Checked out Vodafone’s new fancy Flagship store in the Melb CBD. What a joke none of the five set-up real Sammy Galaxy Notes had internet data access, to checkout the browsing features !!!!!!!  Suggested Vodafone could get in touch with a “good” Comms company and see if they could get a cheap bulk deal. I mean if they can’t get service from Vodafone then i am not supprised that Vodafone are shopping around for a new buyer. The Samsung man in attendance just shrugged his sholders.


Being in the graphics industry, this Wacom made digitiser on mobiles is awesome news.
I’m gonna be trying one out asap.


Checked out the new Vod-Sung store today and previewed the Samsung Galaxy Note FABLET. Its brilliant. Wish I could say that for the Vodafones network congestion issues in MelbCBD. Its hopless. Samusng should sue vodafone for malicous damage to their fone sales. anyway the PEN is mightier than the finger. It allows you to do with ease the many things you stumble to do with a finger. Image cut and paste makes many apps useable. Fine point, highlight and colour markups etc. are a breeze. Fits in a shirt pocket etc no probs. No not heavy at all. The big screen… Read more »


Oh well, I might wander in at lunch tomorrow and try it out.

Ben Danyi

Is it a phone or a tablet? (sarcasm)

Alex Gerontzos

Some people call it the phonblet 🙂

Matt Booth

‘Phablet’ seems to be sticking too..


Even better – Fablet
as in fone.