It’s real, ladies and gentlemen. The Samsung Galaxy S II 4G will be launching exclusively on Telstra on the 27th of March. We’d previously reported that dummy models of the device were being shipped into Telstra stores, but now we have a confirmed released date. The picture above — sent in via our trusty source — also shows pricing of $0 on Telstra’s $79 Cap which will include 2GB of data, $800 cap credit and unlimited national texts. This is the same pricing as the HTC Velocity 4G, however, we’ve been told that the pricing for that device is expected to drop in the next few weeks.

The design of the device appears to be slightly different to that of the normal Galaxy S II. Instead of the sharpish corners, it’s more of a rounded device and may include a larger battery to power the 4G (LTE) modem for a little longer than average. All will be confirmed by Telstra once they get official with the device.

It also looks as though it’ll be launching with Gingerbread as its operating system of choice. Considering Telstra are already testing Android 4.0 ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ for the Galaxy S II, we imagine this device will also be receiving that update in the near future as well.