Is this leaked slide from a PR firm the first look at the real Samsung Galaxy S III? It might just be. Weber Shandwick are the official PR agency for Samsung in several countries, which leads us to believe that these slides could in fact be legit. The image shows that Samsung are expected to hold one of their ‘Unpacked’ events on May 22nd to release the Galaxy S III. Samsung are also a major sponsor of the Olympic Torch Relay that also begins around about the 22nd, so the coinciding dates could be a huge marketing win for Samsung.

The above breakdown of the leak image shows that the Galaxy S III will be extremely thin — perhaps under 7mm as previously speculated. It has a similar design to the Galaxy Tab 10.1N that was launching Germany in an effort to bypass an injunction placed upon the Galaxy Tab 10.1 by Apple. There’s also a dedicated camera button, and speaker and microphone grills on the front of the device.

The edge-to-edge display also lines up perfectly with previous rumours and looks to be around 4.8-inches as well. The resolution can’t be told from the image (obviously!), however, it certainly looks to be at least 720p or above.

Squashing rumours…

Assuming the image is legit, we can then say that the previous benchmarks that had leaked for the GT-i9300 are not for this device. The GT-i9300 is likely to be the Sprint version of the Galaxy Nexus. I say this because the benchmarks showed specs such as a 1196×720 display resolution, which is exactly the same as the Galaxy Nexus because of its software buttons — the Galaxy S III shown above has no such buttons. It also showed clock speeds of 200MHz to 1400MHz, which are exactly the same as the Galaxy Nexus — the Galaxy S III is rumoured to have a 1.5GHz Quad-Core CPU.


Long-time mobile tech blogger, Eldar Murtazin, is saying on his Twitter that the image is fake, but is the closest to the final design. He believes that the person who created the ‘mock-up’ based it off an early prototype — so even if the image is ‘fake’ it still resembles what Samsung are bound to release. Although, Eldar as been pretty hit-and-miss in recent times in regards to Nokia rumours, so we can’t be too sure about this speculation.

Source: All About Samsung.
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Filip Danic

The image is fake…and probably isn’t anything like the real one, it’s just the rumor mill running its normal way…


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At least it comes with Ics

Dean Bull

Its a Galaxy Wifi 4.2. Photoshop’d with Galaxy s2 front camera / sensors [FAIL]  😉


This seems fake. We identify, by searching for similar images, the picture of happy children is widespread on the web.

Dean Bull

If that’s it its a poor effort lol


If this is real, it looks like i’ll be getting an HTC ONE X  =(


So it looks like some of the previous rumours were true (ie screen design etc). Looks superb, looking forward to getting one when they’re released.


Five iconettes across. Its not a new note is it?

Buzz Moody



It’s close.

Geoff Fieldew

Big HD display facilitates more icons and better white space 🙂


ICS has 5 buttons across the bottom as well well……


I hope it also comes in black.
White is nice, but black is best. Also, the phone looks very long, possibly a true 16:9 aspect ratio. However, the launcher just looks like Touchwiz 4 which is a bit of a bummer.

I’m so glad there’s a physical button though and not the on screen buttons like on the Nexus. 

Anyway, it’s the most realistic looking pic I’ve seen of the S3. The others looked obviously fake, but this is either the real deal or an extremely good photoshop artist.


Bring it on :). The sooner the better (so long as it covers 4g in aus lol )


bit odd that there are 5 icons across the bottom(like the GNote) and not 4. hhmm higher rez?


 i hope so


ICS has 5 buttons across the bottom……


Hope its not too thin-like my phones beefy and chunky like the 9800 and Pure View 808. Ultra thin phones are okay in suitpockets but in real life you need something much more rugged.


Instead of getting an S2, I might wait 🙂

Geoff Fieldew



I want one

Damon Lewis

 Back to physical hardware buttons I see (after the Galaxy Nexus). I wonder how big it will be.