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Rumours, Rumours, Rumours!

There’s more than I can count about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III, which ones can you believe?
Buzz wrote a post a few days ago responding to some leaked photos and rumours, quashing some and discussing others.

The latest in the rumour mill is that the SGSIII will have wireless charging

Like all rumours, take it with a grain (or spoonful) of salt, HOWEVER…
To add some credibility to the rumour, Samsung have registered a patent on magnetic resonance charging which will allow devices to be charged at 1 – 2 meters away from the base station charger.

Truth or Fiction?
Will it work?

Only time will tell.

Source: ddailiy KoreaThe Verge.
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    Bart Simpson

    Here’s another … The Next Galaxy SIII to have lasers and Holographic display, but unfortunately Teleportation will come only with Galaxy SIV …


    Hopefully it’ll be coated with liquipel.


    I’d say quite unlikely due to non-contact wireless power being such a new technology – but I guess it is possible

    Given what they are already packing into the 8mm chassis I doubt they are fitting a power coil or whatever in there also.

    Scott McKenzie

     Palm Pre has wireless charging and they were released ages ago.


     as above, read my post and watch the video


    Samsung have already put out a phone with 
    inductive charging in the states


    You should probably read what I wrote and watch the video.

    I said “non-contact” – so I meant the 1-2 metre away through-the-air charging.

    I know inductive charging already exists but you have to put your phone either on the charging pad or very near to it.

    I was questioning the ability for Samsung to charge a device while it is 1-2m away from the charging pad.

    Watching the video to see what I mean.

    Jamesz Zhang

    cant wait to c samsung officially announce the galaxy s3 hopefully its soon 

    Myk Dowling

    I wouldn’t be surprised if that patent is actually for wireless powered TVs so you can wall-mount without cables

    Phil Tann

    I like that concept…


    Isn’t that called Wi-Di or Wireless HDMI? It already exists.

    Gambit smith

    how we are talking, before I swap my Desire HD, I want functionality and features… Samsung, your getting rather close…throw in NFC and maybe


    Man, SGS2 kills your DHD, and you’re not sure about trading it for a SGS3? DHD was the 3rd Android I owned, it was OK, but had it’s flaws, I traded it on an Optimus 2X and even that was about 5 phones ago. The SGS2 is a quantum leap from the DHD, let alone the SGS3!!

    Joel Villis

    One to two METRES away. If that’s true, that is a hell of a range!