Time flies when you’re having fun and it’s hard to believe Ausdroid has been doing its thing for 2 years now. So far it has been an extremely enjoyable journey for myself — and the rest of Team Ausdroid (both newer and long-standing members) — and I know it’s going to continue into the tech-frenzied future. To think this whole site started with me playing around when I was bored as hell on school holidays as a 16 year old. I’m now 18 and Ausdroid has gone from a playful hobby to a professional (and playful) news site.

Team Ausdroid would like to thank all of our readers for choosing to read our stuff and for sticking around in the comments to troll stir debates.

Over the course of the previous year, our audience base has grown substantially (which is nice!). We have also gained greater recognition and credibility from major news sites both here in Australia and world wide. We’re looking forward to further growing in the future, as well as bringing you guys exclusives that only Ausdroid can deliver.

Here’s to another awesome year of Android news, review, opinion and fun!


To celebrate turning two (terrible twos, here we come!) we’ll be having a month of giveaways starting next month. We have a few bits & pieces of tech accessories lying around that we’d love to give to a new home — stay tuned for that!

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    Sean Hatton

    Congratulations guys! Love the site, long time reader 🙂 Do I get a Galaxy IV 5G now?

    Mr Pendulum

    Congrats team. I check your site everyday, ever since you were the best (only?) source for APN’s in Australia. Helped me with getting my Nexus One working here, before it launched.

    To another 2 years 🙂


    Well done Ausdroid and team! been following the site since it started. great work done since. waiting for your HTC One X review before upgrading from my HTC Desire. =)

    Reg Dengate

    Me too, love desire but need a new toy 🙂

    Mikhail Cass

    Yeah Great work guys! I remember when I firsted stumbled upon this blog and how excited I was knowing we had our very own site to keep tabs on when Android phones were released in Aus. 
    Keep up the good work!


    Hey congratulations guys! Thanks for creating this website and keeping us up to date with all things Android.
    I look forward to reading this site for many more years to come.

    Reg Dengate

    Wow, just two years old hey. You have come a long way. Often you are cited on other tech sited and as friends. I read you a few times a day. Off to the USA next week, and will be following your take on HTC One. Keep up the standard, and you will definitely rise even more. Reg

    Charles Kane

    Doing a great job guys – congrats. 

    Sumit Nagi

    Congratulations for completing 2 years of Ausdroid journey.
    Ausdroid has been a good source of news from the past few days for my recently started news site http://phonestabs.com.
    Hope I will be getting more resourceful information from Ausdroid in future as well.
    Many Congratulations!

    Wasim Soukieh

    Hey guys here’s to two great years and hopefully many more!. Joined android forums 5 years ago, but found it annoying how there was no aussie android site for knowing the time of tech launches downunder.

    Looked a year ago on google for android news australia, and found u guys. have never looked back. You guys are number one!


    It’s my birthday Aswell! 🙂

    Damon Lewis


    Renai LeMay



    Here’s to another two years, for sure! 🙂

    Congratulations – the Ausdroid team is one of the best around.