No, this is not another leak, I just thought it would be nice to have all the supposed leaks contained in a post so that people could catch up on what could possibly be coming from Samsung. First off, for some of this information to be “helpful” you have to look at the model numbering of the Samsung Galaxy line up so far :

Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9000
Samsung Galaxy S II GT-i9100
Galaxy Nexus (Going out on a limb here but bear with me) GT-i9250
Samsung Galaxy S III GT-i9300

Now then, we`re ready to go :

27th of January Source : PocketNow – First spots the GT-i9300 on the UAE Samsung Website
31st of January Source : PocketNow – Spots the GT-i9300 being WiFi certified, however the link to the page no shows the certificate does not exist
6th of February Source : Frandroid – Invitation received for 22nd of March, Speculation that it`s for the Galaxy S III but not likely, we should be finding out more information about this event today.
14th of March Source : PhoneArena – Render emailed to them
17th of March Source : Reddit – Image labelled with Weber-Shandwick Worldwide – information on phone including Weather and Date indicates a May 22nd Event/Launch in London
18th of March Source : Reddit – Claims to be from someone at Samsung, Comments state : SGS II with Stock ICS photoshopped over it
21st of March Source : GSMHelpdesk
22nd of March Source : PhoneArena again

Spec-Wise we’ve seen a large number of proposed specs :

  • Ceramic back similar to the HTC One S with it’s Micro-Arc oxidised aluminium shell
  • 4.8″ SuperAMOLED HD + screen with 720P or 1080P resolution
  • Dual-Core or Quad-Core 2GHz Exynos or Nvidia Tegra 3 processor
  • 12MP Camera with 2MP front facing camera

So that`s what we`ve seen so far. Over to you guys, what do you want the Galaxy S III to come with and what do you think it will actually come with?