No, this is not another leak, I just thought it would be nice to have all the supposed leaks contained in a post so that people could catch up on what could possibly be coming from Samsung and then when it is released we could see which supposed leak was closest. First off, for some of this information to be “helpful” you have to look at the model numbering of the Samsung Galaxy line up so far :

Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9000
Samsung Galaxy S II GT-i9100
Galaxy Nexus GT-i9250
Samsung Galaxy S III GT-i9300

Now, bear in mind that this is only conjecture and the GT-i9300 model number is not confirmed as the model number for the Galaxy S III :

27th of January Source : PocketNow – First spots the GT-i9300 on the UAE Samsung Website. The entry has been removed from their product database now.
31st of January Source : PocketNow – Spots the GT-i9300 being WiFi certified, however the link to the page now shows the certificate does not exist
6th of February Source : Frandroid – Invitation received for 22nd of March, Speculation that it`s for the Galaxy S III but not likely, we should be finding out more information about this event today.
14th of March Source : PhoneArena – Render emailed to them.
16th of March German Site AllAboutSamsung digs up a picture from Picasa that the Exif Data shows is from the GT-i9300, the Exif data says that the camera will be an 8MP
17th of March Source : Reddit – Image labelled with Weber-Shandwick Worldwide. Weber-Shandwick has done PR for Samsung in the past so this isn’t highly unlikely but the label could have been added to add credibility to the image. Information on the phone screen including Weather and Date indicates a May 22nd Event/Launch in London.
18th of March Source : Reddit – Claims to be from someone at Samsung, Comments state : SGS II with Stock ICS photoshopped over it. It appears to be a photo of a picture on a screen, perhaps to hide exif data which may identify the ‘Samsung’ employee but more likely to hide dodgy photoshopping.
21st of March Source : GSMHelpdesk, AndroidCentral did point out that this looks very much like a Galaxy S Wifi 4.2 with a photoshopped screen on it
22nd of March Source : PhoneArena again. I don`t know, this looks pretty good but then again all these leaks should be taken with a grain of salt.
5th April Source : Slashgear This one via Slashgear who reported this invite being published to numerous Korean Websites. However I can`t think of any other phone announcements that actually have a shot of the phone, so i’m calling this one fake.
13th April Source : PocketLint gave us this little beauty, via another website which doesn’t seem to have the original post up anymore
April 16th This one is actually from Samsung just in case you`re wondering, set your calendars, Thursday, 3 May 2012 at 7:00:00 PM BST which converts to : Friday, 4 May 2012 at 4:00:00 AM Australian Time
April 19th Source : Gizmodo Brazil the ‘leak’ shows front and back of the device but TheVerge has spoken with sources at Samsung who have advised that this is ‘not even close to the final design’ and that Samsung is testing the Galaxy S III internals in generic test boxes, so this could be a ‘Galaxy S III’ just hidden in a generic case.

I have noticed that a number of the supposed renders have been white, nothing against white, just something i’ve noticed. Spec-Wise we’ve seen a large number of proposed specs, all of which seem on par with Samsung releasing the best of the best for what has become their flagship phone. :

  • Ceramic back similar to the HTC One S with it’s Micro-Arc oxidised aluminium shell
  • 4.8″ SuperAMOLED HD + screen with 720P or 1080P resolution with 0 or minimal Bezel around the screen
  • Dual-Core or Quad-Core 2GHz Exynos or Nvidia Tegra 3 processor
  • 8MP or 12MP Rear Camera with 2MP front facing camera

So that`s what we`ve seen so far. Personally I’m hoping for the May 22nd announcement and a release a short time later, perhaps on June 1st? Anyway, over to you guys, what do you want the Galaxy S III to come with and what do you think it will actually come with? Which of the leaked pics do you think is the most credible?

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Really NEEDS a good removable battery.

Yianni Soc

That pic on the 22nd March looks like a new form factor (rounded edges) with a mock case… 
anyone remember how apple had an iPhone 4 in an iPhone 3GS style case to throw off the masses?

anyone know if there’s credibility to this Phones4u samsung event on friday?


This is really starting to PISS ME OFF SAMSUNG!

Just give me an official release date + actual spec sheet!


Galaxy S3 will be epic when its released, but just how far can it move the game on from the S2 which I already have? Extra Horsepower is great, but itll probably be sporting the same connectivity (at least in Australia) and the screen on the S2 is still the best out there (IMO).

I’ll still grab the S3 when it comes out, but I’m not busting a gut for it.


I’d say it is more like 1.5 GHz Exynos Quad 4412 rather than 2GHz – don’t think it’ll be Tegra 3 at all.

Peter Graham

Its really hard to say if any of the pics are credible at all .. me being impatient .. I really just want them to release the damn thing.. grrr .. tired of rumours and bad photoshop leaks. /end rant. 😀


I know I’m going to get it, so probably best if Samsung waits a little, so I can save my pennies 🙂 

Although its exciting to see an Android phone get the Apple treatment