Although Samsung may have unveiled their Exynos 5250 late last year, they have just begun promoting the new chip, with production in full swing. The CPU is sure to impress with its Cortex-A15 architecture and 2GHz clockspeed, which Samsung says is 100% faster than Cortex-A9 dual-core chips and 50% less power-hungry.

Exynos 5 will be able to churn out 3D gaming at 60fps and support 8MP cameras at full 30fps. Samsung go to lengths to show that it will support WQXGA resolution (2560×1600), even including a developer setup in the video that has a 2560×1600 tablet display. Perhaps they are foreshadowing the release of their rumoured 2GHz dual-core 2560×1600 specced tablet.

With the inclusion of an LTE modem, we can’t wait to see this chip inside new tablets and smartphone in the near future. It will be a very strong competitor to the Qualcomm S4 chip which also boasts dual-core Cortex-A15 architecture. Though don’t expect it to be in the Galaxy S III — that’ll be a Cortex-A9 quad-core chip.

Source: Samsung Semiconductor.
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    If this chip in not in the S3 and they put in the quad core a9 chip in i dont think i will go for it. ill wait on the next nexus. Or if someone else starts to put out a stock phone


    Buzz, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 is not a ARM Cortex A-15 chip. Qualcomm is a special case when it comes to ARM chips. They don’t just license a design from ARM (like others do). They license the instruction set from ARM, and design their own platform which is compatible with that instruction set (ISA). So the original Snapdragon to Snapdragon S3 used the ‘Scorpion’ architecture, while the new S4 is ‘Krait’ architecture.  In terms of performance and comparison to ARM’s designs, Scorpion was thought to provide somewhere in between a Cortex A8 and a Cortex-A9 in terms of performance. While Krait (the… Read more »




    Nothing to ‘lol’ at. aryonoco is absolutely right.

    Snapdragon S4 isn’t a Cortex-A15 chip. That info should be edited in the article.

    And I don’t know why the article says that the Exynos 5250 won’t be in the Galaxy SIII. As far as I know, nothing’s been announced, so that was a baseless statement with the quad-core A9 chip.

    We don’t know for sure until it’s revealed. Until then the writer should say things like “….however most leaks about the phone point to a quad-core Exynos A9 chip rather than the Exynos 5250.” Something along those lines.



    Rohan Juneja

    That’s being extremely pedantic. The SGS3 will almost certainly have a quadcore chip. The 4412 being the most likely i haven’t heard a single rumour pointing to a dualcore chip.


    But isn’t samsungs quad core 32nm a9, compared to tegra 3 40nm a9?.


    Makes me want to wait for the galaxy 3 linger for the A15 so i dont end up buying 2 :/