It’s the time of year when all of the new devices announced at CES in January and MWC in February actually make it into consumers hands. So we’re reaching out to you, to see what your next phone will be — if you’re upgrading, that is. There’s a lot of cool stuff in the high-end and mid-range levels for a wide variety of users. Personally, I’m eyeing off the Galaxy S III with the One X or Xperia S to be a fall-back should things go all caddywompus.

That’s enough of me. What do you guys actually want? Will 4G make you jump ship to the Galaxy S II 4G or HTC One XL, or will HSPA+ 3G tide you over for the time being? Let us know by voting in the poll below (I think it’s limited to 200 votes – we’ll soon find out). If your device isn’t there, let us know what you’re looking forward to in the comments section below.

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louis bank

HTC One X hands down.

Adin Knight

Bit of a quandary here; HTC One X – Not too fond of the Tegra3 in light of Krait. Still seems like a lot of unnecessary cores for a mobile architecture, bar the shadow-core and associated power-savings. Feels like HTC went for a ‘ZOMG QUAD CORE’ factor instead of what I’d thought was the smarter option and using an S4 here as well.  HTC One XL – Yes, an S4, but with a somewhat outdated graphics chipset. Comparing the CPU performance (:[) makes this seem a bit rushed/beta. That and Qualcomm announced the ‘Pro’ version with a newer Mali. Ouch. SGSIII –… Read more »

Mike Tran

 The only problem then with x86 is you need to go find x86 compiled stuff as it will have problems with about 25% of Android Apps due to it being native NDK code but it should be able to run the normal Dalvik java stuff fine. If you really wanted a X86 phone then go hunt down a first generation Nokia 9000 Communicator as that had a AMD i386.


I’ve gone back and forth on this.  I want a Nexus, and I want a Note.
And I think in the end, it’ll be a Note.  What I really want is a Tablet that I can carry about. I’m an antisocial bugger, and my actual phone calls are not that frequent.

So the Note makes sense for me.
By the time I get it, Icecream Sammich will be out.  Even if it is a weird TouchWiz bugger.


Even though its a swear word I would have thought the iPhone deserved a place in its own right rather than coming under other 🙂


I would love the S3 but i want a nexus now. I have loved my SGS1 but i dont want to have to flash it anymore and have software that is not 100% 


I actually like the look of the Nokia Lumia 800.


If the SGSIII has either 64GB of storage or a MicroSDXC slot, I’ll get one. If not, probably a Galaxy Note, or any other MicroSDXC compatible high-end Android phone if someone releases one (will settle for 64GB internal storage).

It’s replacing a full 32GB crApple iPod touch and an old HTC Magic.

Mike Tran

Sandisk 64gb SDXC cards work on most high end devices now, I have one in my SGSII right now.


What about Nokia and BlackBerry. A loaded survey.


Pretty sure the last i checked, this was and still is an Android website…can’t get any more loaded than that! 🙂

Anyways, as far as my personal choices go, it would definitely have got to be the Galaxy S III…with the One X being a close runner up (likely if Samsung fails to impress). But I am mighty tempted at this very moment to grab myself a Note – my frustrating fingering at Draw Something on the suddenly “tiny” screen of my GS2 isn’t helping with this yearning at all…


 Sometimes I wonder if this site needs more to talk about.  Perhaps it could expand to be about phones in Australia in general.

Become The Aus Mob


Was hoping to get a new phone with a physical keyboard but there doesn’t seems to be any on the drawing board so I might get the HTC One X as a replacement phone or perhaps a Sony.

José Muñoz

Man I already bought an One X from UK.
Then I went in store and held a Note and thought shiit I could handle that (just not touchwiz).
Phones have become like a drug, you try one and it satisfies you well for a while.
Then the “dealers” tease of a new and better one coming soon.. and yeah.. junkies are junkies. lol
FYI: I do not use drugs.

Mike Tran

 You mean you ordered one from UK right? as it’s not released til April 5th

José Muñoz

Yeah pre purchase.
It was on impulse :/

Mike Tran

 I reckon the HTC One X is still going to be a very nice device, No idea how it compares to SGSIII but I would give up my SGSII for the One X 🙂

José Muñoz

 Yeah thank you for the boost haha!
I’ve had a few days where I thought I should cancel but the camera features of it is what really sucked me in. I can’t get used to Touchwiz, I know you can root but I’d rather some sense lag over wiz eye sting!

louis bank

the new sense 4.0 doesnt lag.


I’ll probably hang out for a 4G version of the GSIII. I’m guessing be in the second half of the year, around the time the other carriers roll out 4G services. I really hate Telstra.

Joel Villis

I’d love a SGSIII, but i worry that it’s not going to be released in time for me. My contract ends at the end of next month, and it’s a real struggle getting my poor, ageing HTC Desire to hold on until then, let alone holding out until Samsung decides to let us know what they’re doing. So unless something spectacular and unexpected comes along in the next month or so, I think it’ll probably be the HTC One XL for me.


get a HTC One XL on contract and the if you dont like it and want sgsiii sell the one X and buy the SGSiii… should be similar prices.


Buy an outright handset and go with live connected

Wasim Soukieh

Hey guys I was thinking first of the Huawei phone announced on the podcast awhile ago, the one with a dual core chip and ics. Otherwise a htc one s if I can save up the money to get one outright, or if it is offered on Optus pre paid. They are my best case scenarios


Htc One X coz i have seen what the tegra 3 can do. I have the transformer prime and the battery life is amazing. 

Tim Welsh-Eliot

Next Nexus. Let’s hope it again leads the field, like the Nexus One did at the time of release though…

Peter Graham

 Which phone are you getting next?


Too early to tell without the SGS3 reveal. But I’m anticipating the SGS3 the most. If it fails to impress, then the HTC One XL.


I think a Padfone would be ideal, I don’t like having more than one device, so this give me the option of bigger screen when needed without having another data SIM or tether from phone etc.  It’s a great idea and assuming it works as well as advertised I might get one… of cause I have a Galaxy Nexus now and the wife might not let me spend the money 😉


I think I might stick with my Nexus S for another year or so, I am waiting for the Optus LTE network to get going which from what I’ve heard will begin at the end of the year.

Vijay Alapati

Any phone with 5-inch 720p with more than 300 PPI.
Beats or better audio
SD card slot with internal memory >16gb
Must have a gd docking station.
1.5 GZ dual core (quad core is still not supporting 4g)
thinner, lighter, stronger with gorilla glass and must be reliable for next year or so…


You do realise a 5 inch 720p screen is only gonna have 293 ppi




You’ll be waiting forever then….

5 inch phone with a 720p display (1280×720) will only give you a PPI of 293.


I’m waiting for the SIII, if that dissapoints, then the One X is a good fallback or something else that might look good, the ASUS padfone looks good, hope ASUS finalizes that fast so I can consider it as well, being able to turn into a tablet aside, it itself seems like a nice little toy. Telstra’s HSPA+ network is good enough for me, I have no need for a 4G antenna to be in my phone unless to be a battery killer. I’d wish 4G signals can become standardized like other 3G and 2G GSM around the world but… Read more »


Asus padfone or Huawei ascend D quad


 I just can’t buy the “Dickwad”.
It’s probably a great phone for the money.  But I just cant

David Anderton

um…. NEXUS


Waiting to hear of SG 3 and finer details from Asus on the padfone.  Would really love a QWERTY though.


Going to keep my 18 month old Samsung Galaxy Service going for a while longer – running better than ever with CM9 Alpha. Save some cash for a new tablet (dunno what that will be).


I’m waiting for the Huawei Ascend D quad,,,

Dan Goodes

Not long ago got the Galaxy Nexus.. 

So not looking to upgrade again in the near future, happy to hold out to see what Google brings to the table as this year’s Nexus.

Geoff Fieldew

We need a selection for the next Nexus phone. I don’t think I can go back to skin-on chicken.

Edit: and then I read the last part of the post. Oops!


No keyboard phones! They only seem to come out one every 3-4 years!

Hugh McFarlane

Shame I already bought a Galaxy Nexus outright…it’ll be a while before my next new phone!

Stephen Reeves

The moment Telstra release the Samsung Galaxy Note with 4G LTE and ICS I’ll be buying.

Matt Booth

Telstra Note will not be LTE.

Peter Graham

Trying to be patient and wait for the sgs3 .. but can I just ask one thing .. what the hell does caddywompus mean? 

Buzz Moody

askew, crooked, not quite right.

Peter Graham

lol .. interesting .. I learn something new on this site all the time. 


Nexus 5. I am hoping to keep my desire for atleast 3 years.

unfunk Freeman

I’m waiting for the SGS3 to be actually out before I make a final choice


Nexus 4. have decided to steer clear of any and all skins… Mind you if the sgsiii has aosp option as rumored I may consider it

Alex Baldwin

It would be good if we could check multiple options. I’m waiting for the GSIII announcement, but until then I’m on the fence about the HTC One X or GSIII.