The Internation Data Corporation (IDC) have released their report on Tablets in Australia, and it’s not a pretty sight for Android. IDC states that 15% of all tablets shipped in the last quarter of 2011 were running on Android. That’s 15% of 587,000: 88,050. Acer shipped the largest quantity of Android tablets in Q4 of 2011, beating out Motorola, ASUS and Samsung, all in their respective positions. The obvious majority of shipped tablets went to Apple with the iPad 2.

These statistics make it abundantly clear that Android tablets are failing to compete with Apple’s iPad. Worse still, it’s the same Android tablets that were counted in these statistics that are now up against the new iPad, which puts them a whole “generation” behind the leading technology.

In regards to the Tablet market as a whole, the IDC estimates that it will grow by 50% in Australia during 2012. It also believes that Android (and other) tablets will gain the upper hand over the new iPad by including 4G LTE modems — something Apple failed to do in the iPad.

Source: IDC.
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One of the culpit is the lack of local content apps – Fairfax, ABC, etc have great apps for ipad but not Android. Android UI’s is more interesting than ios yet people are flogging to ipads. Why? Apps. 

Once more apps become available, I’m sure more people will embrace Android tablets.

I must admit though that I recently purchased an ipad2 but sold it within a week as I couldn’t stand the simplicity of ios, and the lack of “back” button. I can’t wait for the arrival of (rumoured) Nexus tablet or Asus Infinity.

Chris Boxsell

If you can think for yourself you buy an android device and if you can do this you realise that buying locally is a ripoff so you buy from someone like Kogan etc.
I bet these are not counted as sales.
Maybe if they stopped ripping us off produced some good tablet apps (yes Google Fund the developers to make some good apps) and worked with the manufacturers to get ICS on the tablets then they would do better.


I know it defeats the purpose of androids open nature but I believe that there should be some form of standard (eg. very high, high, medium, entry level, etc…) on architecture to help developers make apps compatible for all devices. Or at least they should work more closely with google to ensure their devices will be properly supported.

Otherwise, the disparate nature of devices and when they receive updates will always be their biggest enemy.


Considering most sheeple think iPad is the genetic name for a tablet, I’m not surprised that most sales staff just give in and hand over the oversized phone. I ask any of my customers who don’t seem to know what they’re doing and usually get positive results for Android.

Milty C

While im fairly happy (6/10) with my galaxy 10.1 and dont regret buying it, i still think Google and the OEM’s really dropped the ball with their tablets. Getting ICS on too all tablets should of been everyone’s number one priority. They still dont understand that the best promotion money can buy is keeping existing users happy. Ive never recommended my galaxy tab 10.1 to anyone, and why would i with its buggy honeycomb software. Also my other great disappointment is the low quality of google’s own apps on tablets. If Google cant be bothered building decent apps for tablets… Read more »


I agreed. A couple of things that Google needs to do:
1. Work closely with the manufacturers and network providers in getting ICS out onto the device preferably within 2 months of announcing it.2. Allow users to filter apps on Google Play so they know whether it’s tablet ready or not. 


So the Samsung 8.9″ might rack up a few more sales in the first quarter of 2012? I wouldn’t be surprised if it barely makes a dent in the Apple sales as I haven’t seen Samsung or Telstra advertised it on TV or in the newspapers.