I’m going to be honest and say I didn’t see this coming: Samsung have announced that they’ve sold over 5 million 5.3-inch Galaxy Notes. That’s a rate of 1 million a month since its launch back in October, and it’s headed towards Samsung’s goal of selling 8 million during the course of this year.

The Galaxy Note is available from Optus and Vodafone now, and coming to Telstra later in April. Evidently this device is going to sell well for the carriers and a Galaxy Note 2 5.3-inch is surely going to make its way into the scene next year. If you’ve got a Galaxy Note, tell us what you like about it in the comments. You can check out our thoughts at our review.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow.
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I brought my Note online in January, after selling my iphone 4 on ebay for $600.00, best thing i ever did, couldn’t wait to get rid of the closed garden that is apple and go to android (also i couldn’t beleive that somebody was stupid enough to pay that much for a 2nd hand 32gb iphone). This Galaxy Note rocks. the things i can do with this compared to the iphone makes me think why did i ever waste my money on such a limited device as the iphone. using the stylus to do things is awesome. I don’t even need my… Read more »

chi chi

I got this phone on my birthday, and it was the best gift i could have ever dream of.. its kinda weird at first at it doesnt fit in any of my denim pockets.. but its awesome usage wise. i have like so many apps and they are great. i have the whole constitution, and it is great help in my law studies <3


After a few days, smaller phones are like toys. It is fast, screen is gorgeous, the battery is replaceable, the GPS is amazing with dual GPS/Glonass support and the cream on the cake is the ability to use a 64GB Mobile Ultra MicroSDXC card.  Nearly 100GB of portability that really does fit in my pocket. Nothing comes near!


I have got it for 4 weeks now. It is a bit laggy, but
battery wise it is very good, I initially thought I would have to recharge
every half a day, but so far, sometimes the phone can last for close to 1.5-2
days. All I can say about this phone is that this is the ultimate best phone to
play Draw Free on!!


I dont have one of these yet but I played with it at Best buy the other day. All I can say is wow. This is one amazing device. I for sure seee the stylus making a comeback with phones.


Just got it. If you have small hands it might be uncomfortable, otherwise size and weight is fine. Will be hard to switch to another phone will a smaller screen. I predict phones screens will get bigger and bigger and in 2 or so years item its not gonna be uncommon for a phone to have a 5+ inch screen.


got my hands on one of these about 6 weeks ago, best phone ever. i was a bit concerned when i bought it that it might be too big as a phone and u would look silly talking on it and it may feel uncomfortable in the pocket.

i may still look silly talking on the phone but it certainly is nice and comfy in the pocket the screen is wonderful and the phone is very quick even with gingerbread 2.3.5 i love this phone and im glad i took the relative risk of ordering one online instead of waiting for telstra.