Deep within the secret labs of Google[x] a team of Googlers has been working on an augmented-reality assistant that comes in the form of a futuristic looking set of glasses, except it’s not. But it is being called Project Glass.

What we can see in the above photos that were released by Project Glass on Google Plus, is that the display could sit above you eye, so that you would glance up to see information. The design in the photos is only a render, so it’s not a finished product. Instead, the Project Glass team want people’s feedback on what it should look like and what functionality it should have.

Although it’s not stated, it would make sense for the system to run on Android as all the needed functionality would be readily available. Another thing to think about is how it would get data to retrieve information — will it tether to your phone via bluetooth, or will it have its own data connection? Who knows, but I can’t wait to find out.

The video below makes the whole concept much easier to understand and much cooler to think about than words could ever explain. All I know is that I want one.

Source: Project Glass (Google Plus).
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You know what comes to my mind after watching the video? When I’m waiting for a girl and she’s late she always tells me “I’ll be there in a moment” or lies about her location to make it seem like she is close by. Imagine knowing just how late they will be because they got signed in somewhere xD

Ah, sci-fi 🙂



What’s in the video wouldn’t be reality without Android having natural-language voice recognition a la Siri, eh Google? 🙂


*yawn* Wake me when this headset monitor design is retail available.
I think I first saw a working prototype of this headset monitor idea on Towards 2000 back in the 1980s.

Marine Adamyan

This is the coolest thing ever! Have you seen another leaked video about project glass?? It’s amazing, see here;

Jake Oliver

What google forgot to put in the demo video are the context sensitive ads that will pop up in the corners of your vision 😛


best comment ever. I love the concept (not a new one) and think we are now living in a time where the technology and infastructure are in place to make it a realitity, and that is the diference this time around! However the “ads” would be the unwanted reality. What to look like? Well choice. I like the small “hud” concept. But I’d also like to see full size sunglasses as an option. I’d also like to see some easy to use and affordable AR creation suits to emerge for the education sector. Let’s not limit this to “facebook on… Read more »

Colin Richardson

Are they looking for people to trial this? I want in!


It must look like a scouter and easily crushable


What level does the scouter say?


So about what, 5-7 years away from a practical working commercial product. Been hearing about augmented reality for years and no real progress on anything tangible