Being a Telstra user myself, I have dabbled in the crud that is Mobile FOXTEL, and today when checking out what Telstra recommends on the Play Store, I found that Foxtel MOBILE is now available for download. Before now it has only been available pre-installed on some devices, or you could download it from an obscure Telstra website. Now — after many, many requests — Telstra users can download for free easily from the Play Store.

Having installed it on my Galaxy Nexus, I can confirm it force closes when you try to open it. Though that could be a bonus saving me from signing up to some range of channels that are terrible quality — viewing and streaming quality wise. I’ve had many problems with it in the past, but if it suits you, go for it. Link below.

Source: Mobile FOXTEL.
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Hopefully fixtel will give Telstra the flick allowing a third party app of better quality to be used.


doesnt work on a flagship gs2 ics. even if it did, you may pay for access to foxtel mobile for a month, and for that entire month, you get 200 minutes. Its there in the fine print.
And dont think for a second paying $80 per month for foxtel at home will get you any mobile foxtel access!


It wont work on my new Galaxy Note. How long do we have to wait for Telstra to fix these problems?


I use my telstra phone as a hotspot for my tablet. So, yeah lame, can’t use the app on it. I wouldn’t pay a subscription to watch tv on my phone. Tablet, maybe.


Joy no ICS support…. great move Telstra. I mean its like like you SELL the Galaxy Nexus…. oh wait….