The team of 13 people at Instagram must be partying hard this morning (or evening, depending on time zones) with the news that Facebook is purchasing the company for a cool $1 billion in cash and shares in Facebook. This news comes off the back of the release of Instagram for Android which saw Instagram’s total user base rise above 30,000,000.

While it’s still not known what Mr. Zuckerberg will do with Instagram, I’m sure we’ll see photo filters added to Facebook’s mobile apps seeing as photo sharing is a massive part of Facebook. Perhaps that will give them a reason to update the crappy Facebook for Android app.

There has been an outcry from users of Instagram that Facebook will kill off the app and the world will end: is this something you’re worried about? I somehow think it would be in Facebook’s best interests to keep Instagram running as normally as possible to retain all those users it can profit from.

Source: Facebook.
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    Meh, does one really care? But that’s a lot of money :0


    Ian Tester

    I wonder how the iphone elitists that complained about the new Android version will react to this?


    It’s ICQ all over again….


    It’s funny because talking to teenagers today NONE of them know what ICQ is.  We all know ICQ got overrun by AIM and MSN and if you bring up AIM or MSN it’s almost just as bad.  They almost have no understanding what what or who that is either.

    Oh I wish I could go back to the ICQ days.  Oh oh!

    EDIT: I realise this is kinda O/T but whatev!


     NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just got instagram to get away from facebook now this 🙁