HTC have stated that they will no longer be bundling overly-expensive Beats headphones with their devices. Instead they will only be available for purchase separately. Why? It will obviously raise HTC’s profit margins which is what running a company is all about. We have seen HTC release ‘deluxe’ versions of their devices which do include Beats headphones, however, the price is also higher, so you’re not getting them thrown in for free.

Now if you want Beats, you’ll have to wade through the many counterfeit stores online to grab a pair, as well as handing over more money than you need to.

Source: CNET.
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Stuart Murray

Weird. The Beats setting on the phones sounded pretty awful with any headphones I tried other than the beats headphones, so there’s not much point having that either it if they’re not bundled.


There are plenty of better headsets out there… you don’t need big “b” on each ear to hear good sound, check out.the range of Bose, senhiser, and kicker just for a start…

Edward V.C. Jackson

Add to that AKG, Audio Technica, Beyer Dynamic… the list goes on. The rule of thumb is that Beats products should be compared to competing headphones of half the price. The extra cost comes down to branding and celebrity endorsements.


Are they in the HTC one X?


My HTC One X from Vodafone didn’t come with them


If they are so sought after why are they considered overly expensive


 You could say they are the apple of the headphones industry ahaha

Frank Benign

I never heard of them before HTC.