Well this just seems to have come straight out of no where: Google might be looking into the possibility of selling Motorola’s handset division to Chinese company Huawei. The news is coming from a Wall Street Journal article which surely has some kind of strong source to back the claim up. If this goes ahead, we could see Motorola disappear as a company, leaving just its patents as a surviving memory.

For Huawei it could be a huge opportunity to make itself known in the US, as it has already stated in the past that it wants to become a top-tier manufacturer alongside the likes of HTC, Samsung and Apple.

We’ll see how this story eventuates in the next few days, as it is extremely interesting to see what happens. In the end it could be all bogus and Google has massive plans for Motorola. Stay tuned to find out!

Source: The Verge.
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David Anderton

Pretty smart move i reckon, will stop all the other companies from bitching about Moto getting special treatment.


It doesn’t make sense to me.  If this is a move to placate Android partners then I don’t see how said partners (who are complaining about the Googarola cosiness) could be any happier that Motorola is being sold to give their biggest upcoming competitor (Huawei) a leg up.


Depends on how much money Huawei throws at it, if they actually end up acquiring Motorola’s mobile division. IMO kind of like when IBM sold off their Thinkpad laptop business to Lenovo.


Somehow I think the US FTC may not allow such a sale, one would imagine a lot of Motorola’s patents may fall under their ‘national interest/security’ (or whatever they call them) and were not for sale to non-US organisations. Then again, who knows? 


 I think you will find that it’s selling the handset division and not the patents. They would license from Google the patents purchased from moto.


Burning the midnight oil there Buzz?

Frankly I think this will not be a good business decision given the amount of mistrust that the US and Australian governments has about Huawei. Especially in the US, I reckon that the average American costumer would steer away from anything to do with Huawei due to above trust issue and because well, the notion of Chinese built products are cheap and unreliable.  

David Anderton

 The majority of Americans or Australians for that matter are to apathetic to know who owns what… If it still has Motorola written on the package they won’t know the difference.

Adam Fullbrook

There are tech products not made in china?