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Soon after launching the Transformer Prime, Asus started receiving complaints from customers regarding the GPS performance of the tablet. Now they have responded by offering customers the opportunity to receive a free external GPS extension kit(Dongle). To receive the dongle you`ll have to sign up as an ASUS VIP and login to their website and register your product including providing them with its serial number. They will then ship the dongle to you. No eta on the delivery date but the offer will expire on 31th of July, 2012. One downside to the attachment is that it appears to connect to the dock connector, so you can either have the GPS dongle or the keyboard attached.

This is still a pretty good response from Asus, considering a number of companies would just abandon the tablet and move on to the next one. They did open their statement on their Facebook page with :

We’d like to thank all our customers for purchasing the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime and helping to make it the most popular Android based tablet since its launch.

So I can only imagine they`re happy enough with sales figures at this stage to offer the GPS dongle for free. So, if you`re an Asus Transformer Prime owner, head on over to the Asus Website and sign up for your dongle.

Update :
I’ve been contacted by several people advising this offer if for Taiwanese and US Transformer Prime customers only due to posts coming from other sources. I asked Asus about this on their Facebook page and they responded that it is indeed available for Australian Transformer Prime owners :

So go get your dongle.

Source: Asus FacebookAsus GPS Offer.
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Oh that’s some nice piece of news from ASUS, I’m liking them more and more now.

Piers McCarney

ASUS parts for my PC have always been my favoured choice. Everything I’ve ever bought has been rock-solid, so I have a lot of trust in them as a company.
If they’d design a quality high-end phone, I’d seriously consider it (Padfone not withstanding).