You know all those “leaks” of devices that we’re told have been the Samsung Galaxy S III? Well if The Verge’s source is correct — and it sounds like they are — then they’ve all been somewhat fake. The source says that Samsung have been protecting the real design of the Galaxy S III in every way possible. A part of that has been putting the Galaxy S III’s internals into devices that don’t look all that significant so that people are confused as to what the real device is.

If this is true, then Samsung has filled the rumoursphere with so much misinformation that even if the real design is leaked, people will never be able to 100% confirm it as real.

There’s even been rumours that there’s only 1 real Samsung Galaxy S III in the UK that is being shown to management teams from the major carriers, and that the device is locked away in a case to stop it falling into the wrong hands.

Samsung have really taken a page out of Apple’s book on device secrecy. If everything goes to plan for them, then we’ll never see what the Galaxy S III will look like until May 3rd. Well played, Samsung, well played.