You know all those “leaks” of devices that we’re told have been the Samsung Galaxy S III? Well if The Verge’s source is correct — and it sounds like they are — then they’ve all been somewhat fake. The source says that Samsung have been protecting the real design of the Galaxy S III in every way possible. A part of that has been putting the Galaxy S III’s internals into devices that don’t look all that significant so that people are confused as to what the real device is.

If this is true, then Samsung has filled the rumoursphere with so much misinformation that even if the real design is leaked, people will never be able to 100% confirm it as real.

There’s even been rumours that there’s only 1 real Samsung Galaxy S III in the UK that is being shown to management teams from the major carriers, and that the device is locked away in a case to stop it falling into the wrong hands.

Samsung have really taken a page out of Apple’s book on device secrecy. If everything goes to plan for them, then we’ll never see what the Galaxy S III will look like until May 3rd. Well played, Samsung, well played.

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Roman Kulish another leaked video of SG3


Why are people still think that a galaxy s 123 copied iphone ??? there is nothing about it, if you keep saying it or can’t tell the different , you must have your head up your @ss so deep , its coming out of your mouth like alien the movie.


Then let’s hope its not of the lack lustre leaked sIII’s then. Definately creating plenty of hype tho


About time they grew up and stopped copying etc.
They are very capabalbe of leading in their own right but for some reason thought they had to play the follow Apple game.


You’re most certainly wrong sir. The game Apple plays is exceedingly successful. Realistically, the only reason you click on any article claiming “to show the latest Galaxy S3” is purely because of both intruige on potential design and to see if it really is as amazing as people are hoping it will be.

Its marketing at its finest. Apple may be a pain in the ass, (especially Microsoft over everyone else) but they know how to play the game and mate, they’re fucking good at it.

Greg Bell

I understood his post to mean copying Apple’s design with the iPhone cloney SGSes, but I can see how you understood copying their marketing strategy of hype building secrecy. I agree that Apple does that very well and Samsung are doing a pretty good job here as well, and I also agree with (my understanding of) Chris’s post that Samsung need to actually design something original rather than copying the ugly iPhone.


I interpreted it maybe a different way again? That Samsung have the technology and potential yo he market leader regardless of following design but rather coming out on top? Be it sales wise or device satisfaction and quality.


 It could also be Samsungs way to make sure apple cant sue them and stop their product from being sold in certain countries before they reveal it. Once it is in the marketplace it is harder to stop


I really don’t see the SGSII as a copy of the iphone in hardware terms….. Yes to my disgust and one of the reasons I hate touchwiz is they made it look like the ‘iphone’ iOS in some ways. But I think samsung more did this as a way to help iPhones coming across rather than cause they wanted it to be a iPhone.

That said, in hardware terms I don’t think any normal person would mistaken a SGSII as a iPhone 4x


You clearly have no idea…. Keeping a product under wraps isn’t copying apple. Apple wasn’t the first company to come up with the idea. Many companies do this. Have you ever thought they are keeping it under wraps so Apple doesn’t copy of them? 🙂 Releasing a product early before its ready to ship can do a few things, the two common ones are – Kill demand for the current model to nothing, while upseting users cause they have to wait for the ‘new’ model – Allow the compertition to get a head start on making a model that will… Read more »