Facebook have finally updated their Facebook for Android application with better support for Ice Cream Sandwich. Before the update, opening the application on a device running ICS — such as the HTC One X or Samsung Galaxy Nexus — would be very hit or miss, now it works flawlessly (on the One X the menu button is still consistent at the bottom of the screen).

Other updates include the ability to create group messages and adding friends to existing group messages. The UI has had a slight change: you can now update your status and upload photos straight from the news feed. They’ve also added new icons to the launcher: Camera and Messenger. Now you won’t have to download the Facebook Messenger application as well.

The main missing feature is a version of the app that works on Android tablets. So for now it looks like you’ll be sticking with Facedroid, which is actually a really great tablet app for Facebook users, though it will set you back $1.99.

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    Robert Clarkson

    Wonders never cease it still has it CPU issues.

    Dominic Brodowski

    Yeah, I really am getting pretty sick of a lack of a native Facebook/Twitter/Google+/anything else app on my Transformer Prime… Facedroid you say?


    Odd. I updated, opened the app, and there was a new look to the news feed. The app then told me to restart the phone for certain features (camera, messenger icons in the app draw) to function correctly. Upon rebooting and opening up FB, I was greeted with the previous news feed again. *scratches head*


    Same thing happened to me. I was actually quite pissed off that a new camera had been forced upon me. So when I realised that not only the UI had returned to normal but that camera was also installed, I deleted the Facebook app all together. 

    Robert Clarkson

    I don’t see why they need to make separate apps for messaging and camera why not roll them into the one app ?