Back in March, we brought you the news that the Samsung Galaxy Note would take a little longer to receive Ice Cream Sandwich – pushing the release back to the second quarter 2012, though there weren’t any reasons given for the delay. We’ll just assume it’s because they were working on some awesome for you.

It seems they were.

Not only is the Galaxy Note already a popular ‘little’ (not literally) device, but my guess is it’s about to become more so, as the update to ICS is just around the corner, but it doesn’t stop there – not only do you get the latest Android release for your phablet, but you’re about to get a heap more too. The latest release will bring “Premium Suite”, a software package containing a bunch of extra apps that take advantage of the device’s S-Pen.

Shape Match and Formula Match are among the list of these apps. They can be used to correct and digitize geometric shapes, tables, and grids drawn with the S-Pen, and will even be able to solve numeric formulas. If you don’t think this is cool, watch the video below – I can see the Galaxy Note replacing the iPad for a lot of people who’d otherwise use one.

Next on the list is the My Story app, that allows you to design your own personalized digital cards. Last but not least, an extra Angry Birds Space level will be made available exclusively to Samsung Galaxy users, along with 30 additional “Danger Zone” stages for extra fun.

If you have the Note, and you’re looking forward to this, let us know in the comments. For a preview of what’s to come, check the video below:

Note: This is a sponsored post by Samsung. We love their products, and we know you do too, which is why we went with their proposal to run this spot.

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Why is Australia so slow to ad icecream samdwich to the galaxy note


Rooted the leaked AT&T ICS 4.03 to my Note.  Face lock works great except in low light (expected).  The only issue I’m having is the battery, it is draining almost twice as fast as it did on Gingerbread.  Hopefully, the anticipated Samsung release fixes it.


any chance Android could contact the carries to get an idea of the possible turnaround of this update ,as it took a good 6months of stuffing around with Vodafone blaming google and Samsung for releasing gingerbread then stopping the update then releasing it again 6months or so later?


Premium Suite note a big deal already have it on my g note along with ics.


How when its not released ? ics is not 
Premium Suite


anything is possible with android. u should know this by now.


where is the video?

The video is there – you may have difficulty viewing it due to the javascript used to present it. You can see it on Youtube here –


Thanks for the update and clear sponsored content.
It’s a reality of running a digital biz and don’t see the problem
Keep up the good work


Its something every Galaxy Note owners must be waiting for. Its going to take the phablet to even greater heights.

Susan Martin

Here’s something for you to think about. Telstra are releasing the Note next Tuesday, wonder if Telstra held off with there release to hit the ground running with an Ice Cream flavor Note?


Telstra never does anything like that. The reality is, they will release ICS 1 year after everybody else.


ICS is available for Telstra Customers as of Tuesday 24/04/12 but no ICS as of yet for the Note only S2

Sen ectus

Tell them we want open beta’s.
Many of us early adopters are technically willing and capable of beta testing, let us make that choice!


hum a sponsored article, well at least you guys say it’s so instead of just being quite about it ahaha. Nice seeing that Ausdroid is getting better and better that even Samsung is feeling it’s worthwhile to pay you guys to put an article about them XD


Looking very forward to the update. Everyone that has seen and played my Note has said they want one.
I hope they are looking into the possibility of it being slotted into a tablet akin to the asus padfone then it would be ideal for everything I want from a pc and phone all in one package.

Thanks for your comments guys. As you’d know, we rarely (if ever) do sponsored posts on Ausdroid. We don’t think ‘cash for comment’ is a sensible approach to doing business. However, we do like Samsung. We do like (most of) their products. We do think this update for the Note will be a good one, and from speaking to a lot of people in business and in government who use these devices, we think they’re pretty good devices too. When, and every time we do, run a sponsored article, we make it blatantly obvious that it is such. Trying to… Read more »

Sen ectus

provided you can back up your paid for opinion i see nothing wrong with obviously sponsored articles…


Chris, one suggestion for the sponsored articles, put the word Sponsored at the start of the subject line rather than at the end, so that this can be clearly seen on all platforms the site is viewable on.
On my HVGA LG Optimus One, in Dolphin, viewing the mobile version of Ausdroid, the subject lines are truncated in both portrait and landscape.

Aliff Abdullah

Hopefully they roll the update out to the non-branded Notes before the carrier-branded Notes (unlike what they did with the SGS2 ICS rollout).


agree lol i got mine over seas before it was released in Australia 


Same. i bought mine over kogan. Using now


Good that Samsung has made this sponser post but which telcos are going to hold up the works for another 6 months……. Its now Q2 ALREADY. Does Samsung expect Voda for instance to push out ICS and these S app updates during the next 6 weeks ?????? Lets hear from either Samsung or Vodafone.


I read so many tech blogs and just know that some ‘opinion’ articles are sponsored but say nothing. Good job Ausdroid, keep it up, looking forward to ICS for my note


Samsung ask you to run this sponsored article?? Nice work, lads!

Indeed they do. They know we’re fans of Samsung devices, and we think this is a good message to spread (albeit, obviously, a little too upbeat for our usual editorial opinion… 😉


I would prefer that you didn’t do these type of sponsored post but at least you were transparent about it

Jason Forsyth

I agree.

It’s good to see that Samsung takes this site seriously. Keep up the good work lads.

Joel Villis

 Definitely agree. It’s good that they’re so transparent about this being a sponsored post. But it would be nice to know what they really think. I’m just curious about what they’d say about it if they weren’t getting paid..


“For a preview of what’s to come, check the video below:”

Oh well, it’s nice that you’ve notified us that this is a sponsored article, at least you’re being honest rather than pass this off as an opinion piece and then everything claiming bias on your part.

I myself have a Note and can’t wait for this upgrade to come (or even just a solid leak). The Premium Suite looks superb and I’m wondering what other features they’ll add in the Note 2.


Have Cm9 on my note and it runs soooo much smoother, like the SII. I know the note is fast but it does lagg…so having this genuine ICS with the added S pen support that CM9 doesn’t have it should be a beast in more ways that one!