Samsung have begun the official teasers for the upcoming launch of what we’re expecting to be the Samsung Galaxy S III — the Galaxy S II’s successor. Samsung have created a website that might appear to have a gibberish domain, but is in fact an anagram for “The Next Galaxy”. Clever. The countdown isn’t counting down to the May 3rd launch event, but it may be counting down to a time where a video teaser is released. Whatever it is, I’m sure Samsung will milk it for all it’s worth; there’s a lot of hype on the back of this device.

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it leads to this video from samsung, lol!


SO what appeared? The moment the countdown hit 0, it crashed on me and won’t load. Guess the server is being smashed with heavy load.

Damon Lewis

The website is having troubles. I’m guessing the server is being smashed.

Rohan Juneja

Apparently it will link a puzzle (the answer: the next galaxy) and link you to which is currently password protected.

I’m thinking this could be just a massive tease.

Also, google “anagram” for a little bit of humour from Google


Is it just me or has this site been pulled or down or was it a hoax or can I just not view it on my note?


Never mind its back 😉


Probably a gs2 with a 3 at the end like the gtab 2… running on GB 2.1.7…


2hr and 25 mins to go!!! 


Samsung Exynos 4412 quad core SoC @ 1.4GHz1 GB RAMMali-400 GPU (probably overclocked)2050mAh battery4.6″ 1280×720 320dpi AMOLED display with on screen buttonsAndroid 4.0 ICS16GB internal storage + MicroSD8MP camera, 1080p video recordingNFC (Near Field Communication)

zeit geber

Domain was registered in Singapore on 12 April 2012 by a marketing company called “The Upper Storey” whose clients include Samsung, Dell, Toshiba, MS, and Intel.


 They also registered … which currently prompts for a username/password.


I hope this doesn’t end up being a spectacular flop…


Can’t wait.