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Ausdroid Podcast 029 – Look Out, Watch Out, I’m Hot – 24/04/2012

We are back everybody, that’s right the Ausdroid Podcast is back with another hard hitting episode for all you Android Addicts. We have a cracker of a topic list this show, Samsung’s Galaxy S III gets a mention as always, HTC and it’s One X get talked about, Ice Cream Sandwich, Vodafone and Security concerns for Android. As always we got the crew together and it’s a hell of a ride, so sit back, grab a cold bevvy and get ready to get rocked.

Hosts: Lucas Burnett, Buzz Moody, Daniel Tyson, Scott PLowman and Geoff Fieldew.


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I really wish you guys would stop promoting the “mobile phones cause cancer” myth. There is no evidence to support it. It’s been studied over and over again, and the evidence against any link between mobile phone usage and cancer is just mounting up higher and higher.  See for some good information on the topic.


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