Vodafone have responded to a users’ complaint about the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v update situation through a video. In said video (embedded below) Vodafone’s Device Introduction Specialist, Kieran McIlwain, gets to the heart of the problem by discussing how the update process works for the Galaxy Tab 10.1v considering it’s a “Google Experience” device. In short, the update is effected by other countries needs that are not met. So if Vodafone Ireland have a problem with the update, the global update gets postponed until that issue is fixed.

It seems like an update process such as this one isn’t great for the users, because as each problem is located, the update is pushed back and the users become more frustrated. The othermethod that Samsung uses (for its Galaxy S line) is to make a different update for each carrier or region. Though this update seems to take a while, at least if there’s an issue with one carrier or area, then the rest of the world isn’t disrupted.

Nonetheless, we’re grateful to Vodafone for being transparent and letting the users know exactly how the process works, so that they’re not left in the dark.

Source: CNET Australia.
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Damon Lewis

I guess this is why the Galaxy Nexus is about 4 versions behind (still on 4.0.1 when 4.0.4 has been released).


go to xda. In Australia, the GNex is updated by SAMSUNG (and tested by carriers), NOT GOOGLE.
Im rocking 4.0.4, flashed to yakju build. Yes, it is now the intl gsm build. But I haven’t had any problems with the radio. And I have already had an update from google.


Stock Yakju GSM has not received the update to 4.04 officially OTA. You can only get it by a manual install.

Glenn Stephens

I think this is a perfect example of what needs to change, all Carriers NEED to improve and streamline their testing procedures for these devices. – If they want to continue making money of the consumers, then need to give a higher priority to this part of the service they’re being paid for.


Call me pedantic, but you will not be taken seriously as a news source if you can’t get your grammar right. 

“the update is effected by other countries needs that are not met” should be “the update is affected by other countries’ needs that are not met'”, or better yet “the update is affected by other countries’ needs that are not being met”.

Effect and affect are different. Apostrophe also has its place. And I’m not even a native English speaker.


I sold mine… the “experience” was pathetic. Google really need to streamline this, for some devices it is getting beyond ridiculous. Still struggling to get 3.2? When will ICS hit the device? Never?

Mike D

Worst supported “Google experience” device evar!