The most recent update from the Android Developers dashboard shows an increase in devices running Ice Cream Sandwich which access the Google Play Store has risen from 2.9% last month to 4.9%. Probably due in part to Samsungs continued rollout of 4.0.3 to it’s Galaxy S II line of phones and also the recent release of the HTC One X with their One S model soon to ship with Ice Cream Sandwich soon. The Huawei P1 will also launch this month running Ice Cream Sandwich, Huawei have traditionally been very aggressive on price point so hopefully we’ll see adoption of this phone as well by the mass market.

The number of devices running Gingerbread devices still continues to grow but appears to be slowing albeit at a gradual rate. Devices running Froyo(2.2) and Eclair(2.1) versions of Android both showed drops in usage however devices running Donut(1.6) remain static as did Honeycomb(3.0-3.2) devices, which goes to show that manufacturers really need to take a leaf out of Asus’s book and start updating their tablets.

So it’s a slow increase for Ice Cream Sandwich adoption but it is increasing although a little too slowly for most people’s liking. Maybe today’s update to Ice Cream Sandwich for Vodafone/3 Galaxy S II owners will bump up the stats a little, although I think the phrase ‘blip on the radar’ applies here. Question for you guys, do you retire your older phone/tablet when you upgrade or do you tend to pass it on to someone else?

Source: Android Devs.
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    Williams Elera

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    Brian Hislop

    I usually try to sell my old phone when I buy a new one. If you can try not to hold on to a phone for more than 12 months it’s usually still possible to get a decent return.


    I’m still on my first Android device but I imagine when I upgrade, I might keep it as a spare and tinker with it.
    I wonder if they count custom ICS as part of the above figure?

    Daniel Tyson

    Pretty sure they count it based on the Android Version Identifier once it hits the Play Store, so even my Galaxy Nexus which runs AOKP has an Android Version 4.0.3(I`m going to hit Milestone 5 today) and that would count as far as I can tell, anyway.

    Brian Hislop

    That’s my understanding also.


    When, oh when will my Galaxy Note get ICS? 🙁


    I kept my HTC Desire after getting a GNex, might use it as a wifi hotspots.
    Pro tip: always keep your last phone as less and less retailers / telcos will give you a lone phone if yours needs a service or warranty repair.


     I had/have the same phones and I keep my Desire (its has ICS also) to use as a VoIP phone around the house, portable audio when I’m out in the yard… and for a month needed to use it as a phone again thanks to my Galaxy Nexus breaking (USB port fault), so we handy that I kept it.