Dropbox and Samsung have joined forces to offer a maximum of 50GB to each new Samsung Galaxy S III user. The storage space will stick around for 2 years before you have to pay to keep it. The normal rate for 50GB is $100/yr, so that’s $200 of storage for free with your new device. What’s Google Drive, again?

Source: Engadget.
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so, build.prop tweaks anyone? i guess we’ll have to wait until the phone is actually on sale or that would be a bit sus


Google drive is 60 $ for 100 gb / year


Another benefit of using Drop Box instead of Google Drive is for security: I have all my passwords and account numbers in a file that I want backed up should I lose my phone and computer together. If I put that file on Google Drive, I could end up even more screwed if someone hacks my gmail account instead. I suppose that they could also hack my DB account instead…but the point I am making is that no need to have all my eggs in one basket.