The amount of hype that has built up around the Galaxy S III launch has been pretty big, I’ve had a number of people who have shown no interest in mobile phones previously asking me what the Galaxy S III would have hardware wise. So this morning, I was kind of expecting to see a signup page from each of the carriers so customers could register their interest and be notified when details were available. Instead we seem to just have generic signup pages for information.

Mobicity has put up a pre-order page and I imagine they’ll be sourcing stock from the European release which Samsung has advised will be on the 29th of May. They have started pricing at $799 with a 12 month warranty(local) in either Marble White or Pebble Blue, you can check their pre-order page here.

From Optus we have a signup page to register your interest in all their Samsung GALAXY smartphones, which you can sign up on here(At least the URL has Galaxy S III in it).

Telstra’s signup page is even more generic but allows you to specify your interest in Samsung and Android devices, you can sign up to that here.

Vodafone has a similar page to Optus to allow you to sign up for info on Samsung Galaxy smnartphones, you can register here.

Samsung Australia has issued this statement, which I would say isn’t going to change until they can firm up details with the carriers :

Samsung Electronics Australia is pleased there is continued interest about our GALAXY range in Australia, but we have no plans to make any announcements at this time

Of course you can check out the Galaxy S III on the Samsung Global site. Samsung in the US has put up a site for people to register interest and after Australians got early access to the Galaxy S II last year it appears that they`ll be turning the tables on us and beating us to the punch this year with the Galaxy S III.

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Jamesz Zhang

awesome cant wait to get my hands on this phone but 2 bad i cant i still hve 2 years contract with optus might hve to buy it outright


It’s available for purchase outright from Kogan now.


Im actually wanting to give the one x a shot

but I went to the iphone camp this year for a bit of a change to see what the grass is like on the other side. Ive had to return it twice due to a faulty battery. Apples support has been pretty damn good to be honest as they just hand you a new one no questions asked.

Im worried i might have the same issue with the one x. but i dont want some plasticy s3 though. 


The S2 had plastic casing. Result? The best selling Android Smartphone of 2011. 
According to Samsung, the S3 has a better build, even if plastic.

There is very little chance you will experience the same issue when you switch manufacturers. If you do, then it’s probably the power-point that you plug your phone in to charge, or the cable. Don’t worry, you won’t. 

The S3 doesn’t feel plasticky with its hypergaze actually.


 I had an S2 for a little while and didnt really like touchwiz (although im willing to give it another shot on ICS) but I didnt like the plastic look and feel. I know its being very picky.. it just feels cheap and tacky. I was totally on board with that rumoured ceramic back.


I have a S2 with which I’m more than happy-does everything I want..except one thing :(. No LTE. I’m in a telstra 4g area, know I can get very high speed connections and the existing nextg here is way overloaded most of the day.. I use the S2 mainly on the internet. I’m now waiting for telstra to announce the S3 LTE or XL LTE. The two existing LTE phones aren’t bad but not enough of an improvement on the S2 to warrant spending the money. Waiting..waiting..waiting!


Looks like an iphone 3G o0 Gonna stick with me SII thanks!


damn, Voda in the UK has a month exclusivity for the 32gb version~~~ can only pre-order 16gb versions now >_<


 sigh.  After months of teasing Americans about how late they got the SII… 


If only the HTC One X/XL has expandable storage, a decision on which phone I’m gonna buy would be much more easier >_<


If it the next Nexus (by Samsung presumably) is underwhelming it be safe to say that I will definetely venture to the HTC camp. Samsung…it has been a disappointing release

Gibbo McCool

Looks like New Zealand are getting is soon  New Zealand !!

Daniel Tyson

Nice find there.

Gibbo McCool

Can’t take all the credit – someone on whirlpool posted the link.


Totally underwhelming


Im glad I bought the Galaxy Nexus to be honest. Same screen resolution however quad core seems overrated at the moment plus running a custom ROM like AOKP Milestone 5 has made the GNex a new device. Oh…stock Android too


That OS looks vulgar. What have they done to ICS?


They had destroyed ICS with Touchwiz. I was never a fan of it on SGS2. Same applies here. Stock ICS has no equal

Benjamen Meiers

I agree but they did release a few new software features which i would love for them to get added to AOSP

Andrew Palozzo

Waiting on LTE devices… Please don’t make me wait too long telstra…


My Telstra Corperate Rep game be a heads up that Telstra is reducing the cost of the Nexus and S2 phones by 20% for a limited time from the 9th… Sounds kinda like a stock clearance for new phones.



Telstra will not range unless LTE compatible. No need when they already have an SII 4G LTE


Just waiting for an announcement from Telstra now….


I know I’ll be getting one, along with my friend who is getting one … CAN’T WAIT!!! WANT IT NOW hahahah

Joseph Mouchaileh

 Is the back of this phone plastic? or brushed metal?






Brush metal finish on the blue. But plastic.