Samsung has confirmed its Galaxy S III just before the launch event over in London. The device’s specs aren’t as mind-blowing as we expected, but surely don’t disappoint either. There’s a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED Plus HD display on the front — it’s pentile. The cameras sit at 8MP on the rear and 1.9MP on the front. Storage sizes will start at 16GB with a 32GB variant confirmed and 64GB coming later in the future — MicroSD is included as well.

Bluetooth 4, 40MHz 802.11n Wi-Fi, NFC round out forms of wireless communication — not to forget that it of course has 21Mbps HSPA+ with regional variants with LTE. Under the hood is the Exynos 4 Quad CPU that’s expected to be clocked at 1.4GHz, and powered constantly by a large 2,100mAh battery.

The device will launch closer to the end of this month in a majority of countries on most carriers, so we can easily expect it to launch on all carriers here and a 4G version made for Telstra.

(source: Android Central)

Samsung’s new S-Voice allows you to dictate text for email and messaging, it also takes commands for media playback and calender management. You can tell the phone to ‘snooze’ when the alarm is going off, and it will quickly shut up — brilliant. Direct Call allows the phone to call the person you’re currently texting jut by holding the phone up to your ear.

The camera will shoot 3.3 photos per second and up to 20 shots in one burst. The device will then automatically pick the best photo in the group to use as the captured photo. Wireless charging is go using resonance wireless.

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did anyone else notice that they said “people are no longer enthused about new technology” in their presentation, clearly they didn’t do any research


 Or their sample for their research could just be isheep~~


Or the surveyed people are sick and tired of buying cutting edge, only to have their brand new bright and shiny be utterly outdated old tech trailing edge less than 6 months later.

Rohan Juneja

Amazing device in my opinion. No one really realises that specs after the Galaxy S III are essentially meaningless. They have very limited effect even if it is ramped up ridiculously, it’s all about the SOFTWARE. For example, the Nexus had absolutely atrocious hardware (in my opinion) but amazing because of the software and how it was optimized by Google/Samsung. If Sammy have done it again this will be amazing. It’s already clear that they have focused very hard on software through the whole interface, can’t remember the names they’ve come up with but S-Voice, the one to watch videos… Read more »

Mike Tran

You forgot that the SGSIII has 4 benefits over the HTC One X, That is External SD,Lag free 8mp camera like the Galaxy Nexus,Removable battery and wireless charging if you buy the kit.


Isn’t One X’s camera lag free too?


Apparently the software is where this phone really excels..


It probably would but so does AOKP Milestone 5 on Galaxy Nexus….all with stock ICS and ROM Control. It cant be beat

Bart Simpson

so apart from quad-core and LTE nothing else … Its a bit underwhelming but I am glad it doesn’t have much else because now i can stick to my S2 till S4 comes out …


NFC but not all that usefully here yet.


Quad core and LTE don’t mix.

“The US version is expected to use Qualcomm’s dual-core Snapdragon S4 SoC to support LTE functionality.”


David Anderton

nothing special….and whats with the S-voice rubbish my year old HTC has been able to dictate txt and emails for a year!


This is exactly what I expected, not as good as the One X yet will still sell better than it because the S3 is made by Samsung. I wouldn’t say it is a poor attempt at an upgrade, Samsung did a fairly decent job and I am sure many customers will be very happy with this device.


You should fix the part where you guys say it’s a Super AMOLED Plus HD screen since it’s pentile and no Plus.

Alex Gerontzos

If Crapple can do minor updates ie: iphone 4 and 4s then samsung can do the same s2 s3, internals are great up with the one x but design side of things is its biggest downfall.. Hey they may even do a body update for it.


Ausdroid guys, are you investigating the Australian release?
Getting comments from Telstra, Optus, Vodafone etc?

Get on it lads!


…and the pentile HD screen was completely predictable, they were hardly going to jump from this given it was only introduced on the Nexus a matter of months before. I own a Nexus and personally I think its a completely overrated debate at these kinds of pixel densities, but that just IMHO


HTC One XL with Snapdragon S4 looks like the king to me – that next-gen A15 CPU is beating the pants off all the A9 CPU’s this one included, and the design and screen are superior to this device. Only proviso is expandable storage and removable battery; if these are a deal breaker for you then the S3 is the way to go…

Mike Tran

The S4 isn’t a A15 CPU, it’s a hybrid A9 with some aspects of A15. So far the benchmarks indicate that the Quad Exynos beats the S4 in both CPU and GPU speeds.

Frank Li

Think I’ll after one xl instead, pentile is just not my cup of tea.


Samsung blew it on the design. I just don’t think that design is attractive at all. I prefer both the looks of the Galaxy Nexus as well as the One X to this.

The plastic looks cheap compared to the One X or the Nokia Lumia. As for performance, sure the SoC might be faster than Tegra 3, but we all know that Nvidia has the best dev tools and most dev support and so the Tegra 3 will get better looking games. 

Anyone who doesn’t care about removable battery or Micro SD card should get the One X IMO.

Frank Benign

The AT&T version of the One X is even better (except probably games), though its LTE capability is of no use in Australia.  OTOH, I saw a white one in the shops, and the back was full of scuff marks, which looked permanent.  The back of the dark grey One X is reportedly a magnet for fingerprints, though hopefully permanent marks should be less of a problem. 

I just don’t believe that one should have to buy a case for a phone.  That was one of the reasons I bought an SGSII instead of an iPhone 4.

Dean Reading

Everyone is disappointed because the GSIII was talked up way too much.
What else do you expect? A 1080p screen would be absolutely useless.That said, I’m not familiar with pentile displays.


 Well I agree with 1080p won’t be useful, but I’d expected an AMOLED HD Plus display instead just getting the one with pentile display. If I’m not mistaken traditionally each pixel would have three sub pixels each while a pentile display only have two sub pixels therefore even though it may have the same amount of pixels as LCD displays like on the HTC One X, the amount of subpixels is lesser. The Super AMOLED Plus like on the SGSII had three sub pixels each unlike this AMOLED with pentile displays.


I can’t believe everyone is complaining. It has a bigger and more detailed screen, bigger storage capacity, 4g, bigger battery, faster camera, quad core….etc. It is better in every way than the S2 and is the best smartphone to date (including the One X) and people whinge saying: ‘I feel let down’ and ‘underwhelming’. Get over yourself.

Well done Samsung….I will be upgrading my S2.


Get over yourself LOL… Maybe because a la iPhone 5, the media and everyone else hyped this device up so much to be Quad Core, 2GB RAM, 12MP Camera, 720P Super Amoled Display, etc.,.. then it comes out and is really just a Nexus with a couple of new features.


It is the HTC One X with the Galaxy Nexus body.

Frank Benign

Everything can be forgiven, but the pentile.  Looks like the AT&T HTC One X is the top dog for now.


I don’t understand the pentile rage. My Gnex is stunning. GS2 looks like it is underwater with a horrible blue tint. HTCs one x has a screen that makes the battery barely last a day. I can’t ask for anything more than what my Gnex gives atm


Why so big???????


It’s actually pretty small for a tablet…


Yawn, it’s just a Nexus


Amazing in-built features (camera, wireless charging, 2100mh battery, NFC-wifi direct, sharing) but I can’t help but feel Samsung has slightly let us down with the design (the darker version for once trumps white – the bezel is awfully obvious on the white) and that NON-plus AMOLED HD screen (especially on such a wide screen). And here I was, so ready to pre-order…

On another note. Sammy didn’t specifcally mention a release date in Australia/oceania…would we fall under “Asia” then?


Soooooo disappointed


I upgrade my phone too often as it is. If it wasn’t pentile I would have got it. Yes, it does matter that much.


well everything as I expected except I expected a non-pentile display >_< oh well gonna wait for reviews before I decide whether this will be my next phone or not though looking good enough anyway now.


It’s a bit underwhelming at the mo, looking for the whole specs on this. I must say though, this inspired by nature crap they’re touting is a bit lame – it looks just like their other handsets!


Doesn’t seem like it has anything special.