Ausdroid Podcast 031 — Live Stream tonight 8:30PM AEST

We are back with another episode of the awesomeness that is the Ausdroid Podcast. I’m back in the hosting chair tonight after an awesome episode from Buzz last week. It has been a big week with the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy S 3 announcement, we will break it down like only Ausdroid knows how. Join us at 8:30PM AEST for all the fun and laughter.

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    •  I just want a simple link to an MP3.  I'm sure I found this for a previous podcast, but can't find one now.

    • Guys it's really tough to subscribe.
      I use Doggcatcher, and you don't turn up in their Search feature.
      And the RSS link for the podcast only appears on full webpage, not the Mobile page.
      And, I try copying that page into Doggcatcher and it still doesn't work.

      It's all a friggin pain.

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