I`m a pretty casual gamer, so my range of tastes go anywhere from basic fun games like Cut The Rope to full on immersive shoot ’em ups like the Modern Combat series. One of the games I’ve played thanks in part to their game sale earlier this year was the N.O.V.A 2(Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance) and Gameloft has recently been teasing the next game in the series N.O.V.A 3 which according to the trailers should be dropping this month for Android and iOS.
Gameplay Trailer :

The single player part of the game looks amazing as per the previous game and they have the excellent multi-player gaming from N.O.V.A 2 which whilst I haven’t gotten into the multi-player aspect due to my poor to mediocre gaming skills, it still looks awesome and I’ve heard far better gamers than me praising it. So we should see it this month for around the same price as the previous version N.O.V.A 2 which is available in the Google Play Store for $7.49 if you want to catch up on the story and it’s a fairly good game to play.
Multiplayer Gaming Video Teaser :

So far I’ve been happy with all the games I’ve purchased from Gameloft, although the size of the games can be fairly large which is a slight downer as it means I can usually only keep one game at a time installed, at the moment that’s Tintin which I’m currently replaying, but may be soon replaced by N.O.V.A 2 so I can go through the story once again.

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    I can just imagine now my GS2’s temperature sky rocketing to 200 degrees temperature playing this :/


    this kind of game is near impossible to play on touchscreen alone. hopefully there is usb/bluetooth gamepad support…