Wednesday , October 18 2017

Ausdroid Podcast 033 — Live Stream tonight 8:30PM AEST

Hey everybody as always it’s Ausdroid night. We are gonna break down this weeks news and bring it to you the only way we know how. So run down to your local bottlo, throw some snags on the Barbie because tonight is going to go off. Join us at 8:30 AEST and join in the banter.


Lucas Burnett  

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2 Comments on "Ausdroid Podcast 033 — Live Stream tonight 8:30PM AEST"

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Can I ask if other people are successfully subscribing to this podcast using Doggcatcher via the RSS link?
I get the error “HTTP error received from server, response 500”.

Are other Android podcast apps accepting the URL?
Is it just my phone, or Doggcatcher in general, gone senile?

Valued Guest

available for download afterwards at all?


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