Thursday , February 22 2018

Grand Theft Auto III for Android 80% off until May 28th

Rockstar Games have lowered the price of Grand Theft Auto III to $1.00. This 80% off sale runs until May 28th, so you best jump in now while it’s cheap as chips. This sale comes just in time for the massive games sale that’s happening this month — see: Because We May. Gaming lovers, get your debit/credit cards ready, it’s time for a hell of a lot of cheap fun!

Source: GTA II (Play Store).

Buzz Moody  

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3 Comments on "Grand Theft Auto III for Android 80% off until May 28th"

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Valued Guest

Not available in Australia =(

Anthony Tran
Valued Guest
Anthony Tran

It’s there! Bought it last night.

Ausdroid Reader

I had the same trouble, however GTA3 is listed four times in the Play Store. I just tried all of them and was able to purchase one (it actually cost AU$1.01 at the time).

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