Men In Black 3 has just launched in the cinemas in Australia and now you can also play the game by Gameloft. Available for free in the Google Play store, the game allows you to run your own MIB Agency, play in both 2012 and 1969 as per the plot line of the movie and interact with your friends in game to help you during fights and also visit their headquarters to earn points.

The initial download from the Play store is quite small(2MB) but you will have to do a 60-70MB download once you load the game up so best to do it on WiFi. Reports from the film review sites are pretty decent so head along to watch the movie and then check out the game. So far I’ve enjoyed the movie tie-ins I’ve gotten from Gameloft, Tintin is still a bit of a favorite of mine so check this one out, at a price of free it really can’t hurt.

Source: Google Play Store.