Thursday , November 15 2018 Ausdroid » Hardware » Mobiles » NVIDIA looking to launch 30 Tegra 3 devices this year, 15 below $200

It appears that NVIDIA’s year is only just getting started, even though we’re quickly reaching the halfway point. General Manager of NVIDIA, Mike Rayfield, stated to analysts on Thursday that the company will be launching around 30 Quad-Core Tegra 3 devices this year — there’s already around 11 launched or about to launch — with 15 of them to be in devices that will cost you less than $200. That’s heading straight for the impulse-buying marketing, which isn’t too bad considering well Tegra 3 performs in comparison to devices sitting in that price range now.

We’ll be waiting until closer to the end of the year to see Tegra 3+ which has an LTE modem attached for epic data speeds. Whether that’ll make it into sub-$200 devices is questionable, but for now it’s good to see quality chipsets making it into cheaper devices. Let’s hope some of them launch here.

Source: Android Central.

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