According to an article by Digitimes, the rumoured Nexus tablet from Google is reportedly going to begin shipments in June with an initial run of 600,000 units however the Tablet will not launch in the market till July. This could coincide nicely with Google IO which runs from the 27th to the 29th of June, perhaps we’ll see an announcement there with attendees receiving a tablet and a launch in the Devices section of the Google Play store shortly after that. Because the Devices section of the Play Store is available only to US customers at the moment Australian would have to rely on shipping forwarders such as ComGateway or going through eBay to get the tablet.

We’ve seen this rumour floating around for a while, the first reports said this was going to be based of the Asus Memo tablet that was announced at CES at $249, later reports advised that the specs are still had changed from this but most tend to agree that the tablet will be a 7″ device and I would personally expect to see an nVidia Tegra 3 CPU inside based on comments from nVidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang saying that $199 tablets would be coming this Summer(American Summer obviously), so the rumoured price has now seemingly dropped to $199 as well but as with all rumours we’ll just have to wait for an announcement, which hopefully won’t be too long in coming.

Source: Digitimes.