Samsung Galaxy S III for Korea takes design cues from its predecessor

Were you one of the many people who were hoping the Galaxy S III would have more design similarities to that of the Galaxy S II? Well it turns out that Samsung will be making the phone of your dreams. The only downside, though, is that this Galaxy S III is only launching in Korea, however, going by the sneaky post writing on Mobile Phone Blog it would appear that MobiCity might be stocking the device should it work on Australian HSPA bands, which it most likely should.

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Don’t let the not-to-scale photo above fool you, the Korean design hasn’t got a larger display instead it is just put into a smaller body that resembles the Galaxy S II. We’ll let you know more, once we ourselves know more. Our question to you is: which version do you prefer?

Last modified on 25 May 2012 6:58 pm

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  • I'm torn .. I like the round edges of the HK design but I love how close the screen is to the edge of the Korean design. I wonder if the Australian design will have any different design cues?

    • I doubt the screen will be that much closer, as he said, it's only a render and isn't to scale.

    • I guess look at how the s2 in the states was different to the one we had here so heres hoping

  • i am sure Samsung are out to rob me blind..... lol
    i now own far to many Sammy products ....:-)

  • Maybe I'm the only one, but I MUCH prefer the rounder version. Why would I want my phone to look like a rectangle, makes no sense.

  • Maybe if we're lucky, the LTE SIII might be the Korean market version (sort of like the LTE SII).

  • Yep I agree with everyone else, if that new design makes it way over here I will toss all of my money at whoever is selling it! Knowing that the ugly ultra rounded nexus / HTC design is not the only S3 design makes me significantly more likely to buy it

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