+ Saturday January 25th, 2020

There’s a lot of restructuring and change happening within RIM (Research In Motion), the company behind the BlackBerry name. One of those changes is expected to be the canning of development behind BlackBerry Messenger applications for platforms other than BlackBerry OS, ie. Android, Windows Phone and iOS. BBM has been a major part of BlackBerry’s OS and user experience for years, and to stop any attempt of success for the application on other platforms is a big move on behalf of RIM.

RIM is expected to shift their focus from developing the app — once dubbed as SMS 2.0 on BlackBerry 10 devices — to further developing BlackBerry OS 10, which is expected to launch sometime next year.

Source: Android Community, and Wall Street Journal.

Buzz Moody  

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Daniel McAnally

Has anyone else noticed BB’s terrible advertising campaign where they just fill up billboards with black with white text telling you how you’ll become a boss player if you grab life by the balls and do something with it and the BB logo so elegantly placed at the bottom? The most I got from it was “If you’re a tosser, get a black berry”.


My take on this is, it doesn’t help them one bit even if they so this. BB is on slow dying death. Also whatsup already replaced BBM just like iMessage

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